Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seeing All The Signs

When I was a kid, this sign hung in our bathroom. Along with a sign that said "Please squeeze tooth paste tube from the bottom". I guess my parents were big on visiual clues. But this one always disturbed me. I asked my mother once, why the little boy was crying. "Because someone called him 'junk'" she explained. "That's horrible" was my reply. "Why would you hang that on our wall?" My mom said "It's supposed to be inspiring."

This is the sign that hangs in my bathroom now:

It's supposed to be inspiring.

There's another sign on my web site that's also stressing me out a little bit.

The Premiere date has been set, and the film isn't exactly 'done' yet. I had 2 days to shoot it, and 3 days in Post Production. Shooting actually went pretty well. I fumbled around a little, but I got what I needed in 'the can'. Or so I thought, anyway.

On the first day of Post Production our editor Mark found I missed a couple of shots. They are called "pick ups", or basically a connecting shot that moves the story from one place to another. In my case, I forgot to get a "coverage" shot. More or less a "close up" shot that explains what the character is doing, or seeing.

Then, on the 2nd day of 'Post' I realized that the story didn't flow as well on screen as I had written it on the page. This was something I didn't really expect. The first two episodes of "Dirty Doll Stories" where more or less artful sex scenes. So, not a lot of story to worry about. "The Step Daughter" is different, because it's a 30 minute 'short film' and I sort of screwed it up. To make the story flow right, I need to shoot another scene. I'll be shooting it today, but still....

It's sort of a big deal, because "Dirty Doll Stories" is responsible for raising the budget for "Regarding Jenny 2", which is a fact that was bestowed upon me just yesterday. 

Thru the day to day adventure of working here, with the writing, photo shoots, moving making and all the interaction with the audience thru social networking and blogging, it's easy to forget that none of this would exist if there wasn't a 'business' behind it all.

Movies cost actual money to make and the technology required to actually get them distributed is expensive. So, sometimes you have to dress up nice, smile pretty for the camera and do a little dance for the sponsors. It's part of what I signed up for when I took this job almost 2 years ago now.

And I'm up for the challenge. I'm going to make "The Step Daughter" the best movie I can make it, and I'm going to deliver it on time, and I'll promote the shit out of it. Nepolean's Battle Plan. I'm going to show up and play hard and see what happens next.

Because the rest of the time, I get to have mind bending sex.

"The Step Daughter" Premieres for Free on MaddyGTV March 23rd

Mark your calander's. March 23rd on

It's ON.

- Jenny

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