Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Excited for a Week on The Road

Well, it's Wednesday night, which marks the end of a 'short week' here at Maddy G Productions.

Don't bother to check your calendar's for a Holiday you might have missed. Alexis Golden (one of our lead Director's) is throwing a ho down (quite literally) for her new film "FLP 3" in Atlanta, GA. and so Mark and Maddy are going to help her out.

Not only is Alexis Golden the dirtiest MILF on The Planet, but she's also the most gracious, in having invited me (the 'rookie' Director) to join her on set.

I won't be shooting any scenes or anything, I'll just be there to watch a real pro at work. As I've mentioned, Alexis is responsible for some of the biggest hits our studio has ever had, so I'm just psych'd to meet her and learn everything I can.

I spent most of my day packing and re-packing my suit case, because I can't go in there looking like an off the shelf blow up doll. I've settled on every pair of jeans, every top and every bra I own. Including this little red lace number I stole from Dai's closet.

Uhm... my eyes are up here....

Thanks for coming back.

I'm going to be taking as many photos and videos as I can along the trip, and if you watch MaddyGTV you now how Mark likes to have a camera in my face all the damn time, so I'll have a ton of explaining to do when I get back. haha. I will have my laptop with me, so I'll be posting to Facebook when I can, and blogging if I get the chance, but don't worry... I have a feeling that this trip to Atlanta will become infamous.

Years from now, you guy's will be talking about "That Atlanta Trip".

I fucking PROMISE!!!!!

So, if you're following me on Facebook, you know there's been some new photos. I've also gotten a ton of e-mail, so I'm going to take care of both in one big, chin to cooch load.

Like all the girl's on the Maddy G roster, I answer my own e-mail. I run my own Facebook. When you write in, bitching about how much swearing, or boobs, or references to danderphilia, or maybe you are offended by midgets, or scared of clowns, or whatever... I get a copy of that e-mail.

But, I also get the 'good stuff' too. Your questions, your fantasies and your oh-so-flattering marriage proposals. I read every one of them. Some of the same questions keep uhm, popping up, so I'm going to answer some of the most asked questions here. Don't worry... if you wrote me, I'll be writing you back directly.

I obviously can't get to them all at once, so let's start with the number one, most asked question:


Oh my, if I had a peso for every time I've been asked this. The short answer: Yes. I'm real. I occupy a space in the universe. If you poke me, I'll poke you back.

What I think you're REALLY asking me, is "Are you human?". The answer to that is no. I am not 'Human'. But I also am not 'Black' or 'Asian' or 'Martian' or whatever that shit is they've been stuffing into burrito's at Taco Bell. I'm a Doll.

I'm a "RealDoll"(tm), actually.

Now before you get all freaked out, and pissed, and start calling your cable company, or whatever you fucker's do to 'protest' my existence, just stop and take a look around you for a second. We're everywhere. We've been around forever, and there are probably a few of us in your house right now.

Stop being such a prick about it, and get used to the idea that 21st Century Technology has brought us out of the toy box and into the beds of big boy's all over the world.

Deal with it, because I'm sick of the bullshit hate mail.

Some of you like to point out my seams and my wigs, and my changing eye color. Well, I don't point out your nappy hair and your weird accents, and your fucked up jewish mommy issues. So, back the fuck off.

If you don't like my show then stop watching it.

There, I said it.

Now we can all be friends. Here's another great shots of my tits.

See, that shit is BOOOOORING. So, let's skip ahead a little, shall we?


As eloquently as that question is posed, it's valid. It's called a 'gape', and there's some science behind it. For those wondering, here's a look at what I'm talking about.

Without coming off like a total loser, I'll tell you this. When a guy fucks you in the ass really hard, your anal sphincter muscle sort of relaxes, and opens up. It stays like this for a few minutes after a really hard ass fucking. Then, it goes back to 'normal'. Relax, it's not a big freakin' deal.

Understand, I work in the 'Porn' Industry, so when they take pictures of me like this, understand that it's not neccessarily real. I have to work a few fingers up my ass to get that picture, or if you're really lucky, then I was actually recently fucked really hard in the ass.

Okay, that's enough about that.

So this whole blog doesn't become about me getting fucked in the ass... here's a picture of Dai Ling on the set of "Dirty Doll Stories".

I don't have to tell you this about Dai Ling, but whatever you're thinking about doing to her right now....

She's DOWN.

Have a great weekend, and I'll check back in from Atlanta!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting into 2011

Sorry for not getting back to my blog sooner. The start of 2011 has proved to be a little hectic around here.

I hope you enjoyed your New Year celebrations. Mine was fairly low key. I got together with a few friends from work, got drunk and watched 80's movies on Encore. I didn't even see 'The Ball Drop', which is a tradition here in the USA. I was actually looking forward to it, but only because I thought it was something totally different. What a stupid tradition. I would much rather be tea-bagged by a cute college guy than watch some big expensive piece of glass get lowered over all Manhatten.

Same thing with the 'Tea Bag Party' here in the US. They should really change their name, because I felt STUPID at that first rally. Geez, what's a girl gotta do to get some dick around here?

Speaking of which... I did get some work done. I finished Part 2 of "Dirty Doll Stories" where I play 'The Maid'. The picture above is only a tease. The full HD Video will be available soon for download, and I'll have the end of the Photo Story I started a few weeks back.

I have a few new shoots coming up, so I should have new photos to gander at soon. I'm doing promo's for a couple of bands, and a couple of photo sets for my web site too, so there will be some dirty pictures in there too.

You probably noticed that was down for a few hours on Tuesday. The company moved the whole Maddy G Network to a brand new Dedicated Server, so that the 'Slow Load' problems and access issue's will be solved. The new server makes the site run much smoother and faster, so you can better enjoy your stay.

At the end of this month, I've been invited to visit Alexis Golden on set of her new movie.

Alexis is one of the top Director's here at Maddy G Productions, and she's responsbile for some of the Studio's biggest hit films. Her "FLP" Series is on that list, and she's shooting "FLP 3" in Atlanta at the end of the month. I don't have any idea what "FLP" means, but she's got a big production going on down there, with a giant Villa and a long list of guest stars thru a week of shooting. 

While I'm trying to put together my first movie, Alexis is working on her like, millionth, and so I can't turn down the opportunity to watch a real Pro at work. 

If you follow Mark's "Official Play Place Blog", you heard about the upcoming Maddy G Production "Blood of Ohma", which is a 'mainstream' horror movie.  

Well, I tried out for the part of "The Monster" in the movie, but I got turned down, because I'm too short to fit into the costume. It was built for someone 6' and I'm 5' 3". So, FML.

So, that's it for now. Here's another shot from "Dirty Doll Stories" to get your day started off right.

heheheheh I'm such a whore.

- Jenny