Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Halloween" and Other Spooks

It's been awhile since I got a chance to blog about life in my world. The "Halloween Special" started out as a spooky photo shoot at Ron Vollentine's studio and ended up being a 20 page short with digital effects and a makeup team.

So, I've had shit to do.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's "Halloween Special".

Of course you know me well enough to know there's an 'Uncensored' version.

You can download it in High Definition at my site for $11, and it's worth it.

Despite what some of the Douche Bags at Youtube had to say about it, it's gotten rave reviews from the people that matter.

Including my new friends at Our Doll Community, the 'ODC' for people 'in the know'. If you're even the least bit curious about what it's like to date a Polymerisian, you owe it to yourself to stop by and say 'hello'.

Last saturday, "Blood of Ohma" premiered in a theater in Erie, PA. A charity event that raised over $1,000 for local animal charities. I was there to see my goofy cameo in an otherwise pretty intense thriller.

That's Joe 'Mister Grabby Hands' Brutto.

So, I took a few days off to recharge the batteries. Now I have a little time to relax over the winter before we start "Season 2" of "Regarding Jenny" in the spring.

And I have my eye on a co-star I think you're going to LOVE.

Cya around...

- Jenny

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Country Girl" Photo Shoot

As summer winds down up here on the East Coast, I wanted to take a last oppportunity to get outside and enjoy nature a bit before I have to spend the next six months couped up in my appartment.

I headed out to a friends farm, a beautiful 8 acres of land filled with orchards, animals and all the fresh air you can handle. It was beautiful, and let's say 'Freeing'.

I could totally drive a tractor.

The farm has been there for a lot of years, so there's a lot of 'old world' charm to it. Including the old 1950's tractor, and this old rickety table that was used to gather fruit from the orchard.

All the fresh air and being out in nature makes me horny. I'll admit it.

So, I went and found a quiet place to spend some alone time.

Ahhhh... one with nature....

I left the farm feeling wholly 'fulfilled' and looking forward to spending some time there again next summer.
I still don't think I'm ready for the cold weather yet, but I can look forward to the fireplace, cuddling under warm blankets and Christmas presents.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July America!
Happy Independence Day America and "Happy Canada Day" to our friends up North too. They celebrated just a few days ago.

Every year, (well, this is my 2nd) I do a special photo shoot for the Play Place Members. I put a few of them up on my Facebook to share, but of course they won't let me show you any of the good ones.

There, that's better. Now let's remove the stupid hat and get a better look.

By this time, I had to get out of those panties. Here's a shot from the second half of the shoot.

You can probably tell I was pretty turned on. Take a closer look at my pussy.

See what I mean?

Here's one more, by special request to my friend in Italy who has a special place in his heart for my feet.

I wear a size 7 if anyone's interested.

Right after my shoot, Maddy had scheduled a promo shoot for Wet's new Ecstasy Lube.

It's like the infamous "Blue Tingle" but with even more "Tingly". Of course I wanted to try it out. And that, led to this nasty little tryst.

But that's the subject of another blog....

The complete set of photos (57 of them in fact) are already available to Play Place Members. Enjoy.

So, I'll end this one the way I began it.

"Happy 4th of July America!"


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Summer Sale Is On!

It's Summer!
It's summer time again (well, most days anyway) and along with the warm weather, and the BBQ's and sweaty girl beach volleyball players comes our Annual Summer Sale.

If you're new to the whole 'Maddy G' experience, our annual Summer Sale offers you 50% off all your DVD and Blu-Ray orders thru August 31st. It's two months of ridiculous savings that only comes around once a year, so you can stock up.

So, every DVD and Blu-Ray in my Online Store is half off when you use Coupon Code: SUMMERSALE when you check out.

And EVERYTHING is included. Blu-Ray's, 2 Disc DVD Sets, and Multi Disc Packs. Including my newest opus "Dirty Doll Stories" which just came out about a month or so ago.

Jenny Densuke in "Dirty Doll Stories"
It also features Marie Madison and my mouth whore girlfriend Dai Ling.

Dai Ling & Marie Madison in "Dirty Doll Stories"
And also Alexis Golden and Ashlee Chambers in the scene everyone talks about on the internet.

Alexis Golden, Jenny Densuke & Ashlee Chambers
And it's not just my movies. It's everything in the 'Maddy G' Catalog. So, if you are feeling especially dirty, you can hop over to Marie Madison's Play Place Store and pick up any of her films too.

Marie Madison & Rachel Lynn Porter in "Thanksgiving Special"

Remember - Use Coupon Code: SUMMERSALE and Enjoy your Summer!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Dirty Doll Stories" Is (Finally) Done!

Almost a year in development, I'm proud to announce that my Directorial Debut "Dirty Doll Stories" is finally complete and will be available for sale on DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Download and On Demand in May.

This movie includes all my tales outside of the "Regarding Jenny" show including my newest romp "The Step Daughter" that premiered last month. It featured my first girl on girl with Marie Madison since the 'RJ' scene we both got AVN Award Nominations for.

If you are fan of Dai Ling from "Award Show Fiasco", you'll be reminded of what a total slut she is in "Tao of Dai Ling" that features Marie teaching her how to be a mouth whore.

She was prepping for the scene "The Hooker", which was actually the first of the 'Dirty Doll Stories' I shot for the movie. Dai Ling was a real pro and I'm proud of how the scene turned out.

Remember when I plaid the Dirty Maid that ended up getting titty fucked by the boss?

That scene is part of "Dirty Doll Stories" too, and so is that tryst I had in Atlanta with Alexis Golden and Ashlee Chambers I call "A Midnight Meeting with Jenny".

There's five scenes total, plus some extra bonuses including that 3D Photo Shoot I did with Dai Ling.

Look for it in May on DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Download and On Demand everywhere.

Don't worry... I'll remind you.

- Jenny

Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Get All of My Scenes & Movies for $1 A Day

Did you know that all of my scenes, including my newest film "The Step Daughter" are included in Marie Madison's "Historical Archives"?

Marie Madison's Historical Archives

Hopefully you've heard of Marie Madison, but if you haven't heard of "The Historical Archives", I'll fill you in. 

It's not a 'Membership Site'. It's more like a library, or secret vault. It contains every scene and photo shoot Marie Madison has ever produced. This of course includes every scene from my show "Regarding Jenny".

"Regarding Jenny"

You'll also find all my short films like "Jenny & Marie's Award Show Fiasco" where (among other things) I had my first 3-way with Rachel Lynn Porter.

"Jenny & Marie's Award Show Fiasco"

These are the full, uncensored hardcore scenes. They are all in The Archives, including my best selling scene of all time, "The Jenny & Mark Affair" which was my first ever 'Ass to Mouth'.

"The Jenny & Mark Affair"

Each Scene is available in DVD Quality Streams right to your Computer or Television. You get VCR like controls and the ability to watch 'Full Screen'. There's no limits to how much you watch. Your All Access Pass gives you "All Access". At Maddy G Productions, we don't fuck around.

"The Jenny & Mark Affair"
If you missed Dai Ling's debut in "Tao of Dai Ling", that featured a double  blowjob with Dai and Marie, it's in The Archives too, along with her fantasy rape scene from "Award Show Fiasco".

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

Dai Ling is the very definition of a 'Dirty Doll' so there's quite a few scenes featuring her in The Archives in which she gets treated like the whore she is.

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

See the look on her face? She fucking LOVES it.

Do you remember when Stella from 'Standards & Practices' started harrassing me about my 'paperwork'? Don't worry, no one expects you to remember detail of my weird life. It's why The Archives were created, and "Jenny's Big Secret" is in it.

"Jenny's Big Secret"

The Archives are updated every week, often several times during the week. There quite literally hundreds and hundreds of video scenes there, including all the newest scenes that are added to The Archives each and every week. Remember my trip to Atlanta? That scene was in the Archives the week after I got back.

"Midnight Meeting with Jenny"
My newest film "The Step Daughter" was released 3 days ago (last Weds) but it was in The Archives TWO WEEKS ago. The Uncensored, Hardcore Version.

"The Step Daughter"
 It's all in The Archives. So by now, you're probably dying to know how to get access. You get a full 30 Day Unlimited Pass for $29.95. That's less that $1 a day. It's non-recurring (remember, it's not a 'membership') so you'll never get a bill. If you want access for another month, then you purchase another Pass.

So there you go. Every scene, every photo and everything in between for just $1 a day.

You are freakin' WELCOME!

Have a great weekend...


Monday, March 21, 2011

My romp with Alexis Golden & Ashlee Chambers now on VOD

Alexis Golden & Jenny Densuke
I'm excited to announce that my filthy romp with Alexis Golden and Ashlee Chambers is now available on VOD (Video on Demand). It's part of Alexis' movie "Kinky Thoughts".

"Kinky Thoughts" Now on VOD
In addition to the 3 way, there's also scenes of Balloon Fetish, Bubble Gum and 'Stocking Stuffing', so there's a little bit of 'kink' for everyone. But you'll definately not want to miss my scene.

Alexis Golden, Jenny Densuke & Ashlee Chambers

You can watch it right now for just pennies per minute, or it's just $5.95 for 7 Day Streaming Rental, or you can 'Stream to Own' for $12.95.

Be sure to e-mail me and let me know what you think!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Miss the 'Good Stuff' from "The Step Daughter"

Jenny Densuke in "The Step Daughter"
 So, the World Premiere of my newest video "The Step Daughter" is now just days away and I'm obviously getting, uhm... excited.

If you haven't already taken the day off, it's March 23rd. This coming Wednesday on http://www.maddygtv.com/ You don't have to register, or sign up or anything, just show up and watch.

Of course, since the version on the Telebox is completely free, there's going to be some stuff missing. There's actually about 6 minutes missing as the 'Uncensored Version' runs 30 minutes. If you're like me and want your Doll Porn hard and dirty, you're going to want to cough up the $15 for the 'Hardcore' Version. It's worth it, believe me. 

Yes, it's THAT kind of movie.

The shot above is in both versions of the movie, but here's one that's only in the 'Uncensored' one:

Because it's free, the MaddyGTV Network follows standard 'Mature TV' guidelines. Which basically means, we can SAY anything we want, but we can only show Boobs and Butts in 'Sexual Situations' and only Full Nudity in 'Non-Sexual Situations'. It's like what you see on HBO or Showtime.

Which means, this shot would NEVER be allowed:

The only 'cock' we're allowed to show is a limp one, and let's be honest. NO ONE wants to see that.

So, if you only watch it on the Telebox, you're going to miss the best parts, especially the 'ending'.

So you know... make sure you don't miss any of the 'good stuff'.

I've talked to a few of you privately thru e-mail and on Facebook about this, but all proceeds from "The Step Daughter" are going directly into my budget for "Regarding Jenny 2" so consider your $15 a donation to the 'Bring Back Jenny' fund and "The Step Daughter" my gift of gratitude.

Have a great weekend...