Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Get All of My Scenes & Movies for $1 A Day

Did you know that all of my scenes, including my newest film "The Step Daughter" are included in Marie Madison's "Historical Archives"?

Marie Madison's Historical Archives

Hopefully you've heard of Marie Madison, but if you haven't heard of "The Historical Archives", I'll fill you in. 

It's not a 'Membership Site'. It's more like a library, or secret vault. It contains every scene and photo shoot Marie Madison has ever produced. This of course includes every scene from my show "Regarding Jenny".

"Regarding Jenny"

You'll also find all my short films like "Jenny & Marie's Award Show Fiasco" where (among other things) I had my first 3-way with Rachel Lynn Porter.

"Jenny & Marie's Award Show Fiasco"

These are the full, uncensored hardcore scenes. They are all in The Archives, including my best selling scene of all time, "The Jenny & Mark Affair" which was my first ever 'Ass to Mouth'.

"The Jenny & Mark Affair"

Each Scene is available in DVD Quality Streams right to your Computer or Television. You get VCR like controls and the ability to watch 'Full Screen'. There's no limits to how much you watch. Your All Access Pass gives you "All Access". At Maddy G Productions, we don't fuck around.

"The Jenny & Mark Affair"
If you missed Dai Ling's debut in "Tao of Dai Ling", that featured a double  blowjob with Dai and Marie, it's in The Archives too, along with her fantasy rape scene from "Award Show Fiasco".

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

Dai Ling is the very definition of a 'Dirty Doll' so there's quite a few scenes featuring her in The Archives in which she gets treated like the whore she is.

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

See the look on her face? She fucking LOVES it.

Do you remember when Stella from 'Standards & Practices' started harrassing me about my 'paperwork'? Don't worry, no one expects you to remember detail of my weird life. It's why The Archives were created, and "Jenny's Big Secret" is in it.

"Jenny's Big Secret"

The Archives are updated every week, often several times during the week. There quite literally hundreds and hundreds of video scenes there, including all the newest scenes that are added to The Archives each and every week. Remember my trip to Atlanta? That scene was in the Archives the week after I got back.

"Midnight Meeting with Jenny"
My newest film "The Step Daughter" was released 3 days ago (last Weds) but it was in The Archives TWO WEEKS ago. The Uncensored, Hardcore Version.

"The Step Daughter"
 It's all in The Archives. So by now, you're probably dying to know how to get access. You get a full 30 Day Unlimited Pass for $29.95. That's less that $1 a day. It's non-recurring (remember, it's not a 'membership') so you'll never get a bill. If you want access for another month, then you purchase another Pass.

So there you go. Every scene, every photo and everything in between for just $1 a day.

You are freakin' WELCOME!

Have a great weekend...


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