Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Regarding Jenny 2" Co-Star Announcement!

The Very Sexy Karen Fisher

I've been saving this update for Facebook to lift their "Photo Ban" on me, so that I can share it with everyone. I'm very, VERY proud to announce that indie porn sensation Karen Fisher has officially signed on as my co-star in "Regarding Jenny 2: The Real Thing", which begins shooting this Summer.

I met Karen for the first time in Atlanta a few weeks back, and I was instantly smitten with her Southern Charm and delicious butt. Being a 'New Girl' in the porn biz, Karen was very kind and generious with her time in giving me some career advice. Here's a shot of me with Karen on the set of Alexis Golden's movie "The Party".

Karen Fisher & Jenny Densuke on the set of "The Party"
 Without giving away too much of the story, Karen will be playing opposite me in a love triangle for the ages. The razor sharp screenplay was written by novelist A.D. Moore who recently joined the writing room here at Maddy G Productions. It's an amazing compliment to Karen's amazing rack.

Karen Fisher
 I spent a good part of my time in Atlanta trying to get some "alone time" with her, but she's a busy lady who was working her ass off, and it just didn't happen. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear she signed on to the movie. Because I know for sure I'll be hitting that shit.

Here's a very cute picture of Karen with Mark Audess, who's on the "short list" for Director's.

Karen Fisher & Mark Audess
 Marie Madison Directed the original "Regarding Jenny", and was lined up to Direct the sequel, but she has since started to waiver on the decision and assigned it to Mark, who promptly turned it down, because he's already in pre-production on "Blood of Ohma" which is also scheduled to shoot this summer.

Don't worry... the pressure from my fans, combined with the pressure from the Distributors, Cable Buyers and what seems like the entire Country of Sweden will force them to make a decision soon.

Tomorrow (3-2-11) we'll be reading actors for the 'Male Leads' - there are actually 2 of them in this movie, so by the end of the week, I should be able to announce who they'll be.

Just to give a little, uhm taste of Karen Fisher in action, I'll end with a shot of the previously mentioned 'delicious butt'.

Stanley Decker & Karen Fisher
And honestly... you ain't seen NOTHING yet.

- Jenny

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