Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day One of Shooting "Dirty Doll Stories 3"

Hamilton and Jenny Densuke on Set of "Dirty Doll Stories 3"
 My vignette video series "Dirty Doll Stories" is a collection of short stories about Dolls who find themselves in 'compromising' situations. The first featured my girlfriend Dai in "The Hooker" and the second had me playing "The Maid".

This third installment is a bit more complicated and required a couple of days of shooting. I play a Doll named Jessica, who thru a strange bit of circumstances ends up having to stay with a middle aged married couple for a few weeks.

Jenny Densuke as "Jessica" in "Dirty Doll Stories 3"
Imagine how this might fair in your own relationship. A hot Doll, more than half your age staying in the room next door. Yepper... it's THAT kind of story.
Paying respect to Adrian Lyne, Jessica's arrival in this couple's house creates more than a little conflict as she sets about on her own agenda.

Without spoiling too much of the story, I'll tell you that on 'Day 1', I got to do a mutual masturbation with Marie Madison. And you haven't LIVED until you've experienced that.

Marie Madison & Jenny Densuke in "Dirty Doll Stories 3"
 She showed me quite a few other things on this shoot, but I'll save those particular story points for the movie.
It was a long day's shoot, but we got some great moments and I think it's going to be a great installment.

Marie Madison & Jenny Densuke
Because it's all grey and cold outside, today's shoot to finish the last few scenes has put off until Tomorrow, so I'm going to stay home today, catch up on some television and take nap.

- Jenny

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