Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Get All of My Scenes & Movies for $1 A Day

Did you know that all of my scenes, including my newest film "The Step Daughter" are included in Marie Madison's "Historical Archives"?

Marie Madison's Historical Archives

Hopefully you've heard of Marie Madison, but if you haven't heard of "The Historical Archives", I'll fill you in. 

It's not a 'Membership Site'. It's more like a library, or secret vault. It contains every scene and photo shoot Marie Madison has ever produced. This of course includes every scene from my show "Regarding Jenny".

"Regarding Jenny"

You'll also find all my short films like "Jenny & Marie's Award Show Fiasco" where (among other things) I had my first 3-way with Rachel Lynn Porter.

"Jenny & Marie's Award Show Fiasco"

These are the full, uncensored hardcore scenes. They are all in The Archives, including my best selling scene of all time, "The Jenny & Mark Affair" which was my first ever 'Ass to Mouth'.

"The Jenny & Mark Affair"

Each Scene is available in DVD Quality Streams right to your Computer or Television. You get VCR like controls and the ability to watch 'Full Screen'. There's no limits to how much you watch. Your All Access Pass gives you "All Access". At Maddy G Productions, we don't fuck around.

"The Jenny & Mark Affair"
If you missed Dai Ling's debut in "Tao of Dai Ling", that featured a double  blowjob with Dai and Marie, it's in The Archives too, along with her fantasy rape scene from "Award Show Fiasco".

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

Dai Ling is the very definition of a 'Dirty Doll' so there's quite a few scenes featuring her in The Archives in which she gets treated like the whore she is.

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

"The Tao of Dai Ling"

See the look on her face? She fucking LOVES it.

Do you remember when Stella from 'Standards & Practices' started harrassing me about my 'paperwork'? Don't worry, no one expects you to remember detail of my weird life. It's why The Archives were created, and "Jenny's Big Secret" is in it.

"Jenny's Big Secret"

The Archives are updated every week, often several times during the week. There quite literally hundreds and hundreds of video scenes there, including all the newest scenes that are added to The Archives each and every week. Remember my trip to Atlanta? That scene was in the Archives the week after I got back.

"Midnight Meeting with Jenny"
My newest film "The Step Daughter" was released 3 days ago (last Weds) but it was in The Archives TWO WEEKS ago. The Uncensored, Hardcore Version.

"The Step Daughter"
 It's all in The Archives. So by now, you're probably dying to know how to get access. You get a full 30 Day Unlimited Pass for $29.95. That's less that $1 a day. It's non-recurring (remember, it's not a 'membership') so you'll never get a bill. If you want access for another month, then you purchase another Pass.

So there you go. Every scene, every photo and everything in between for just $1 a day.

You are freakin' WELCOME!

Have a great weekend...


Monday, March 21, 2011

My romp with Alexis Golden & Ashlee Chambers now on VOD

Alexis Golden & Jenny Densuke
I'm excited to announce that my filthy romp with Alexis Golden and Ashlee Chambers is now available on VOD (Video on Demand). It's part of Alexis' movie "Kinky Thoughts".

"Kinky Thoughts" Now on VOD
In addition to the 3 way, there's also scenes of Balloon Fetish, Bubble Gum and 'Stocking Stuffing', so there's a little bit of 'kink' for everyone. But you'll definately not want to miss my scene.

Alexis Golden, Jenny Densuke & Ashlee Chambers

You can watch it right now for just pennies per minute, or it's just $5.95 for 7 Day Streaming Rental, or you can 'Stream to Own' for $12.95.

Be sure to e-mail me and let me know what you think!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Miss the 'Good Stuff' from "The Step Daughter"

Jenny Densuke in "The Step Daughter"
 So, the World Premiere of my newest video "The Step Daughter" is now just days away and I'm obviously getting, uhm... excited.

If you haven't already taken the day off, it's March 23rd. This coming Wednesday on You don't have to register, or sign up or anything, just show up and watch.

Of course, since the version on the Telebox is completely free, there's going to be some stuff missing. There's actually about 6 minutes missing as the 'Uncensored Version' runs 30 minutes. If you're like me and want your Doll Porn hard and dirty, you're going to want to cough up the $15 for the 'Hardcore' Version. It's worth it, believe me. 

Yes, it's THAT kind of movie.

The shot above is in both versions of the movie, but here's one that's only in the 'Uncensored' one:

Because it's free, the MaddyGTV Network follows standard 'Mature TV' guidelines. Which basically means, we can SAY anything we want, but we can only show Boobs and Butts in 'Sexual Situations' and only Full Nudity in 'Non-Sexual Situations'. It's like what you see on HBO or Showtime.

Which means, this shot would NEVER be allowed:

The only 'cock' we're allowed to show is a limp one, and let's be honest. NO ONE wants to see that.

So, if you only watch it on the Telebox, you're going to miss the best parts, especially the 'ending'.

So you know... make sure you don't miss any of the 'good stuff'.

I've talked to a few of you privately thru e-mail and on Facebook about this, but all proceeds from "The Step Daughter" are going directly into my budget for "Regarding Jenny 2" so consider your $15 a donation to the 'Bring Back Jenny' fund and "The Step Daughter" my gift of gratitude.

Have a great weekend...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seeing All The Signs

When I was a kid, this sign hung in our bathroom. Along with a sign that said "Please squeeze tooth paste tube from the bottom". I guess my parents were big on visiual clues. But this one always disturbed me. I asked my mother once, why the little boy was crying. "Because someone called him 'junk'" she explained. "That's horrible" was my reply. "Why would you hang that on our wall?" My mom said "It's supposed to be inspiring."

This is the sign that hangs in my bathroom now:

It's supposed to be inspiring.

There's another sign on my web site that's also stressing me out a little bit.

The Premiere date has been set, and the film isn't exactly 'done' yet. I had 2 days to shoot it, and 3 days in Post Production. Shooting actually went pretty well. I fumbled around a little, but I got what I needed in 'the can'. Or so I thought, anyway.

On the first day of Post Production our editor Mark found I missed a couple of shots. They are called "pick ups", or basically a connecting shot that moves the story from one place to another. In my case, I forgot to get a "coverage" shot. More or less a "close up" shot that explains what the character is doing, or seeing.

Then, on the 2nd day of 'Post' I realized that the story didn't flow as well on screen as I had written it on the page. This was something I didn't really expect. The first two episodes of "Dirty Doll Stories" where more or less artful sex scenes. So, not a lot of story to worry about. "The Step Daughter" is different, because it's a 30 minute 'short film' and I sort of screwed it up. To make the story flow right, I need to shoot another scene. I'll be shooting it today, but still....

It's sort of a big deal, because "Dirty Doll Stories" is responsible for raising the budget for "Regarding Jenny 2", which is a fact that was bestowed upon me just yesterday. 

Thru the day to day adventure of working here, with the writing, photo shoots, moving making and all the interaction with the audience thru social networking and blogging, it's easy to forget that none of this would exist if there wasn't a 'business' behind it all.

Movies cost actual money to make and the technology required to actually get them distributed is expensive. So, sometimes you have to dress up nice, smile pretty for the camera and do a little dance for the sponsors. It's part of what I signed up for when I took this job almost 2 years ago now.

And I'm up for the challenge. I'm going to make "The Step Daughter" the best movie I can make it, and I'm going to deliver it on time, and I'll promote the shit out of it. Nepolean's Battle Plan. I'm going to show up and play hard and see what happens next.

Because the rest of the time, I get to have mind bending sex.

"The Step Daughter" Premieres for Free on MaddyGTV March 23rd

Mark your calander's. March 23rd on

It's ON.

- Jenny

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day One of Shooting "Dirty Doll Stories 3"

Hamilton and Jenny Densuke on Set of "Dirty Doll Stories 3"
 My vignette video series "Dirty Doll Stories" is a collection of short stories about Dolls who find themselves in 'compromising' situations. The first featured my girlfriend Dai in "The Hooker" and the second had me playing "The Maid".

This third installment is a bit more complicated and required a couple of days of shooting. I play a Doll named Jessica, who thru a strange bit of circumstances ends up having to stay with a middle aged married couple for a few weeks.

Jenny Densuke as "Jessica" in "Dirty Doll Stories 3"
Imagine how this might fair in your own relationship. A hot Doll, more than half your age staying in the room next door. Yepper... it's THAT kind of story.
Paying respect to Adrian Lyne, Jessica's arrival in this couple's house creates more than a little conflict as she sets about on her own agenda.

Without spoiling too much of the story, I'll tell you that on 'Day 1', I got to do a mutual masturbation with Marie Madison. And you haven't LIVED until you've experienced that.

Marie Madison & Jenny Densuke in "Dirty Doll Stories 3"
 She showed me quite a few other things on this shoot, but I'll save those particular story points for the movie.
It was a long day's shoot, but we got some great moments and I think it's going to be a great installment.

Marie Madison & Jenny Densuke
Because it's all grey and cold outside, today's shoot to finish the last few scenes has put off until Tomorrow, so I'm going to stay home today, catch up on some television and take nap.

- Jenny

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Regarding Jenny 2" Co-Star Announcement!

The Very Sexy Karen Fisher

I've been saving this update for Facebook to lift their "Photo Ban" on me, so that I can share it with everyone. I'm very, VERY proud to announce that indie porn sensation Karen Fisher has officially signed on as my co-star in "Regarding Jenny 2: The Real Thing", which begins shooting this Summer.

I met Karen for the first time in Atlanta a few weeks back, and I was instantly smitten with her Southern Charm and delicious butt. Being a 'New Girl' in the porn biz, Karen was very kind and generious with her time in giving me some career advice. Here's a shot of me with Karen on the set of Alexis Golden's movie "The Party".

Karen Fisher & Jenny Densuke on the set of "The Party"
 Without giving away too much of the story, Karen will be playing opposite me in a love triangle for the ages. The razor sharp screenplay was written by novelist A.D. Moore who recently joined the writing room here at Maddy G Productions. It's an amazing compliment to Karen's amazing rack.

Karen Fisher
 I spent a good part of my time in Atlanta trying to get some "alone time" with her, but she's a busy lady who was working her ass off, and it just didn't happen. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear she signed on to the movie. Because I know for sure I'll be hitting that shit.

Here's a very cute picture of Karen with Mark Audess, who's on the "short list" for Director's.

Karen Fisher & Mark Audess
 Marie Madison Directed the original "Regarding Jenny", and was lined up to Direct the sequel, but she has since started to waiver on the decision and assigned it to Mark, who promptly turned it down, because he's already in pre-production on "Blood of Ohma" which is also scheduled to shoot this summer.

Don't worry... the pressure from my fans, combined with the pressure from the Distributors, Cable Buyers and what seems like the entire Country of Sweden will force them to make a decision soon.

Tomorrow (3-2-11) we'll be reading actors for the 'Male Leads' - there are actually 2 of them in this movie, so by the end of the week, I should be able to announce who they'll be.

Just to give a little, uhm taste of Karen Fisher in action, I'll end with a shot of the previously mentioned 'delicious butt'.

Stanley Decker & Karen Fisher
And honestly... you ain't seen NOTHING yet.

- Jenny