Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why I Left The ‘Porn’ Industry


As new episodes of my show are literally days away  and pictures from the show have started popping up on my SexySocials page and have been shared by cast and crew around Facebook, I’ve been getting a range of interesting new comments and questions.

When Karen showed up in the pictures again, you could virtually feel some folks tremble at the thought of me ending up face down in her back side.

When the first posts hit the social networks, the first message I got on SexySocials was “How many sex scenes are in the new episode?” and the next one was “So, I finally get to see you and Karen fuck!”


It’s been a year since I released a new video episode of “Regarding Jenny”. The last was my 2011 “Halloween Special”, which marked a new direction for me and my show.

Whether you have been following me for the last few years, or you have just come to known me recently, you’ve no doubt heard about my past in the Porn Industry. In my social network profiles, and even at the top of this very blog, I’m described as “The World’s First Polymerisian Porn Princess”, and in some places the term “Porn Star” is bantered about.

This is more a factual statement than a description of my life and lifestyle.

I was in fact the first. While Poly’s had previously appeared in porn clips, I was the first to star in an adult film. Not as a prop, not as a sex toy, but the main character, name-above-the-title, Star of the film.


That movie was called “Regarding Jenny”, which spawned the ‘Jenny’ Franchise, and it was a real ‘Porn’. Full on fucking, cum shots and everything. Because well, I believe if you are going to do something, there’s no point in going ‘half way’.

The film was revolutionary in the adult industry, and really, the entertainment industry in general. Within a few months of it’s release, it was the ‘talk’ of the blogosphere, with magazines, websites and blogs all over the world talking about this weird little ‘Doll Porn’.

To be clear, I did not set out to be a ‘Porn Star’. That just sort of happened by accident. My intention was to answer the Number One question people have when they first meet me, or other Poly’s. “Is she real ‘down there’”? which is always followed by “How do you have sex?”

Now to me, that question is absurd (and sometimes just as rude) to ask as it would be to any woman, Organic or Poly alike. But I understand the curiosity. The terms “Anatomically Correct”  or “Oral Capable” are not terms  often used around Organic women. I believe if we are going to create vernacular, we owe an explanation of the terms.

And since I am, at my core, a visual artist, I chose to show these things, rather than tell them. And truthfully, I don’t – and never really did – consider “Regarding Jenny” to be a ‘porn’ in the first place. By definition, including the one outlined by the US Supreme Court, “Porn” is “Anything that causes sexual thoughts, while offering no artistic value.” And I know, this is the definition that Porn Companies hide behind when they lay a piece of music under images of body parts bashing together.

Anyone who has seen my movies knows that is specifically NOT what I did.

Even when I got a little, uhm… deeper into the subject in my fetish film “Dirty Doll Stories”, which got into some of the kinkier aspects of Poly Sex, with ‘Girl / Girl’ and Couples, and showed some things like Foot and Breast Fetish, and Costume Play. All of it considered, you would still be hard pressed to call my films ‘Porn’, not after you’ve seen what the rest of the world considers ‘Porn’.


But people are generally closed minded, and this affliction gets worse when you mix in sex and sexuality, and well… it’s just how things are. Unfortunately, there’s no word for what I do. I showed explicit sex, so it was called “Porn”, and since I have investors and business partners to answer to, I played along, no matter how uncomfortable the term “Porn Star” rested on me.

So, the question of “How do you have sex?” has been asked, and answered a few times over. My interest turned to showing other aspects of Poly-Life and that’s still the focus of what I do today.

Still, to this day, I get lots of emails and messages about the “Fun Version” or the “Porn Version” of my show, and inquiries as to why I don’t film explicit sex scenes anymore, and have not for over 2 years now.


The answer is probably not what you think. I have nothing against the Porn Industry, and in fact still have many friends in the industry, and many friends who still perform in Porn films. The explicit versions of my films “Regarding Jenny” and “Dirty Doll Stories” are still sold thru Porn Channels and in Porn Stores, and there are still many people inside the Porn Industry who still consider me a leader, if not an Icon.


However, the unfortunate truth is that the Porn Industry is in shambles.

‘Tube Sites’ and ‘Torrents’ have gutted an otherwise creative industry by taking away the profits from the creative folks making the films and put that money into the hands of the criminals who built those sites on the backs of stolen content the site owners did not pay for. My own films included.

Over the last 3 or 4 years, this continued raping of creative people has created a culture and audience of people who have no memory of ever paying for adult content to begin with. People who are 20 – 22 years old today, don’t remember a time when ‘Porn’ was not just ‘free’ for the taking on the internet.

And I don’t blame those people. I do make an effort to educate them, when I’m asked about it, but I don’t blame the audience for taking something that is offered to them for free, and offered in such a way that it is presented in a very legitimate looking way.

But it has forever changed the way artists and entertainers are able to continue to make their art, and at the same time, make even a simple and basic living.


The previous ‘ Old Economy’ of entertainment was simple. If you wanted to watch a movie, you purchased or rented a copy of it. Either thru Download or on a DVD or Blu-Ray. The revenue from those sales would enable the artists to continue to make those shows and movies.

The ‘New Economy’ of today is ‘Ad Supported’. Meaning, the viewer pays nothing, or very little for the programing, in exchange for viewing advertising by sponsors. Youtube, Hulu, and even basic cable channels like Comedy Central now operate this same way. As you can imagine this has been a very big adjustment for me.

Prior to this ‘New Economy’, I was free to film whatever I wanted. Show whatever I wanted, wear whatever I wanted, and I was free to negotiate with other artists (like musicians and bands) to work with me to mutually share and promote each other’s work.

Now, in order for me to afford to produce my ‘show’, I rely on the sponsorship from advertisers, which – as you can imagine – are particular about what programming they put their logo in front of.

I think you can begin to understand where all the ‘Doll Porn’ went.

Plain and simply, since ‘Porn’ is free, I need to be able to attract enough advertisers to pay for the next episode. No one – especially not reputable Corporations and Businesses – are willing to sponsor ‘Porn’ of any kind.


Now, I’m not insensitive to the needs of those out there who have a desire – no, a NEED – to see me get down with my bad self and the honey’s I bring to the yard.

That’s why I release the “Uncensored” Versions on my website for you to purchase if you really just can’t help yourself.

So, relax. Some of you have been with me a long time, and I get every one of your letters, and emails, and comments, and I’m listening.

My era of “Doll Porn” is over. It won’t return, not unless some other brave Poly Hottie picks up my torch and starts waving it around. It certainly won’t be me.

I’m replacing it with a more intimate, entertaining and accessible look into my Poly Life.

And if I’m right about you, I think you’re going to enjoy the ride.

- Jenny