Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Country Girl" Photo Shoot

As summer winds down up here on the East Coast, I wanted to take a last oppportunity to get outside and enjoy nature a bit before I have to spend the next six months couped up in my appartment.

I headed out to a friends farm, a beautiful 8 acres of land filled with orchards, animals and all the fresh air you can handle. It was beautiful, and let's say 'Freeing'.

I could totally drive a tractor.

The farm has been there for a lot of years, so there's a lot of 'old world' charm to it. Including the old 1950's tractor, and this old rickety table that was used to gather fruit from the orchard.

All the fresh air and being out in nature makes me horny. I'll admit it.

So, I went and found a quiet place to spend some alone time.

Ahhhh... one with nature....

I left the farm feeling wholly 'fulfilled' and looking forward to spending some time there again next summer.
I still don't think I'm ready for the cold weather yet, but I can look forward to the fireplace, cuddling under warm blankets and Christmas presents.