Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No, I wasn't on "House" Last Night

No, I wasn't on "House" last night.

That was Amy, another one of my Poly sisters with a television career.

We look similar, well... because we ALL sort of look similar.

I'm not a huge fan of "House", at least I don't watch it regularly. I have nothing against the show really, It's just one of those "You need to watch it from the beginning" type of shows, and I don't have that much time for television, so I haven't.

Last nights episode "We Need The Eggs"  (Episode 817 - Season 8, Episode 17) was exceptional though and worth tuning in just to see Amy work her magic.

Without spoiling the episode, I'll say that aside from Amy's exceptional acting (and a bit of stunt work) the part that impressed me most was how the writers cast aside all those creepy TLC shows and 'look-how-weird' documentaries and presented a realistic look at Human / Poly relationships.

Sure, there was the typical 'scoffing' that we so often see among those with no understanding, but we also get a very clear, fair and concise explanation from the lead character about why some people chose relationships of this variety. "We all have our own dolls..."

When people unfamiliar with this lifestyle come across a Human / Polymerisian relationship, the biggest insult thrown our way is "Get a life..." or "Get a real girl..." or something a long these lines. The accusation is that somehow we're hiding, or afraid of contact with a 'real' or human relationship.

Truth is, (and this was expertly included in the writing of this "House" episode) Humans find MANY ways to avoid human contact and 'real' relationships. Some people hide in their jobs, or turn to drugs, gambling, or string of superficial relationships, one night stands, and serial monogamy. 

And in my experience, it's always the people yelling the loudest, and pointing fingers that are most afflicted with these types of issues. A surprising number of women especially - find Poly life offensive, because they only see a man who has chosen a Poly instead of a Human, and that somehow threatens some women.

It's not a mental illness, and it's not an emotional deficiency, it's a lifestyle choice.

Anyone finding comfort and companionship in their lives are lucky. To hate them for it, or insult them for it, or point fingers and mock them for it... is just sad on the part of the person spitting all that venom.