Monday, November 29, 2010

Free "Jenny" DVD's and Blu-Ray's!

First it was "Black Friday" (see below I celebrated that!) now it's "Cyber Monday"?

Well, Maddy G Productions is offering a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" DVD / Blu-Ray sale today.

If you've been wanting to pick up any of my movies, now's a great time!

Here's what you have to do:

Go to the Play Place Video Store and choose as many DVD's / Blu-Ray's as you'd like and then in the "Comments" Section of the Form, list the Free DVD's you would like to Add, and they'll all be shipped together.

Here's Direct Links to the Films I've been in:

All of these titles are available on Both DVD and Blu-Ray, so take your pick:

"Regarding Jenny" - My First Film, and where "it" all started.

"Inside Marie's Play Place: Thanksgiving Special"
I have a non-sex roll in this.

"Lil Stella's Really Short Stories"
I have a Strap-on Scene with Stella in this one.

"Inside Marie's Play Place Series 2"
This is the Series where I first joined the cast. I have a non-sex roll in this.

It's not just the "Jenny" DVD's and Blu-Ray's that are on sale, it's our entire catalog, so check out some other's too.

Happy Monday!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Christmas Present from Dai Ling (Whole Story)

We had just started pre-production on "A Very Jenny Christmas", designing the sets, figuring out our costumes, ect. The end of a pretty long day.

Maddy and Mark had both left for the day, leaving Dai and I alone in the Studio. Now Dai and I hadn't really had very much time to hang out together, not since "Award Show Fiasco", so it was nice to just chill. I certainly wasn't expecting a present, but... that's the kind of chick Dai is.

The present was a brand new Strap-On from Pipedream Products, that has a delicious looking black cock attachment. Big and veiny, and honestly... just looking at it made me a little moist. I guess I wasn't the only one, because when Dai leaned in for a kiss, it turned into much more.

Our make-out session turned into a heavy-petting session, and the more Dai used her mouth on me, the more turned on I got. She could tell too, because after about 10 minutes, she slid down onto the floor and started working her long fingers into my pussy.

That was enough to send me over the edge, and I just couldn't resist taking her by the hair and pushing her sweet mouth into my already gushing pussy.

Damn... that girl knows how to work a Doll into a frenzy, and we hadn't even used the new strap on yet! Since I was pretty much outta my by that point already, Dai did the honors, teasing me with that glorious cock by fucking my tits with it.

That wasn't enough for either of us, so Dai slid her body up and began to fuck my mouth it, until I was drooling girl goo all over that black cock.

When she was satisfied I had gotten it wet enough, she turned me around to 'assume the position' - and then power fucked me in doggie style until I came so hard my head started spinning. Being another Doll, she sure knows how to use me right.

By the time she was done with me, we were both sweaty and exhausted, so we just curled up in each other's arms for the night until we both fell blissfully asleep.

What a great way to end the Thanksgiving break. I think I'm going to really enjoy working on this movie with Dai, adn I hope we can find more 'alone time' like this during production.

If you want to see all the shots from this Dirty Doll Story, you can purchase the entire photo set for just $5.99 by clicking the picture above. There are 44 Pictures in the set, and as a Special Bonus, the entire Set (another 44 pictures) are included in 3D. (Standard Red / Blue Glasses are required for viewing the 3D Versions). All the pictures are in HD (1280 x 720) and are free from Watermarks or Advertising.

Next week, we start actually shooting "A Very Jenny Christmas", so I'll bring you all the dirty stories from the set. Stay tuned right here...


Friday, November 26, 2010

A Present From Dai (Tease)

Today I got an early Christmas present from Dai Ling.

She surprised me with a new Strap on from Pipedream Products, and then proceeded to ravish me with it.

Nothing like a big black cock to end Thanksgiving right!

Now, I'm exhausted and a little drunk, so I'll share this particular Dirty Doll story tomorrow.

Time to relax, take a bath and get some rest!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The AVN Awards & My Big Secret

This morning, I woke up to the news that one of my recent movies "Lil' Stella Marie's Really Short Stories" has been Nominated "Best Specialty Release" in the 2011 AVN Awards. The AVN Awards are considered the "Oscar's of Porn", and this is my second Nomination, not counting the Nominations "Inside Marie's Play Place" has received.

I want to offer congratulations to Stella Marie who wrote and Directed the film.

It's sort of an awkward moment, considering the weird string of events revolving around my relationship with Stella.

See, I had just returned for last year's AVN Awards and had begun working on my next set of projects when Stella showed up. She works for "S & P" for Maddy G Productions, which means "Standard's & Practices". Part of her job is to make sure we don't break any of the bullshit 'Porn Rules' so that we can actually get our movies into the video stores so you can buy them.

Some of these rules are things like "No Fisting", "No Rape Scenes", "No Vomit" and "No Peeing". It's not that these things are neccessarily illegal, but including them in your movie means that you'll have a hard time getting into many stores. So, Stella's job is to monitor the productions and monitor the Director's so the Company can get the most 'bang' for our buck.

Well, during her visit, Stella confronted me about some 'discrepencies' in my paper work she found while snooping around. Now, there's a couple of things I haven't exactly shared openly with my boss Maddy, or even Mark, our photographer. And honestly, I'd rather keep it that way.

Well, Stella busted me cold, called me out on it, and to make matters worse, offered to keep her mouth shut in exchange for a little bit of 'Hot Doll Love'. Now, I'll be honest, I'd never gotten down with a Midget before, and that alone had me intrigued. But more importantly, a secret of this magnitude is the kind of thing that could get this Doll fired from my job here at Maddy G Productions, if not brought up on Criminal Charges, and I don't think THIS Doll would fair well in Prison. So... I agreed.

Keep in mind, I'm only 5' 1", so when I straped on that dildo, she went to work without even getting on her knees. I learned pretty quickly why Stella is the Top Midget in Porn.

So she's deep throating this dildo, and thrusting her tiny fingers up my tight cooch and I could tell this wasn't going to be just another 'hook up' with a chick. I got so turned on by watching her work her mouth on my strap on cock, that I needed to get a taste of her.

Seated on the floor, with my tongue ready and willing, Stella planted that big ol' Hollywood style Ass right on my face, where I could do nothing else but lap up her delicious midget juice. And she worked that shit all over my face until she had enough. 

 Then, it was my turn. Stella laid me out on the couch and down on her knees where she started working those little fingers into my pussy and my already gaping ass while she used her mouth on my pussy and clit. This bitch knows what the fuck she's doing too... because once I started cumming, I didn't stop until she stopped.

"Damn." That's all I'm gonna say.

And the good news... is (so far anyway) she's kept quiet about my 'little secret'.

If you want to see the video of this whole scene play out, you can Download it at or you can see it as part of "Lil' Stella's Really Short Stories" which is available pretty much everywhere on DVD, Download and Blu-Ray.


- Jenny

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is 3D Going to Change The World of Porn?

This is a question that's been swirling around the porn world for some time now.

Let's get one thing straight - this IS NOT new technology. Although Hollywood likes to act like the new crop of 3D Movies in the theaters is a recent invention, it actually goes back to the late 1920's and early 30's. So they can fuck off with that. Still, the technology has improved, with HD Digital Cameras and Sophisticated Post Production techniques, it's fun again to watch 3D.

Well, I for one don't think it's neccessarily a 'Fad', but I don't think it's the one thing that's going to "Save Porn" either. What's going to 'Save Porn' is the viewers and fans getting more involved and speaking louder to the Directors and Producers and for fuck's sake stop buying the bullshit that's out there.

Marie's been dabling in 3D for a couple of months now, and the fans have been getting really into it. The 3D scenes are selling well, and there's a lot of hype over Maddy's new "Oral Servitude 3 in 3D" film. So, there's been discussion about shooting the upcoming "A Very Jenny Christmas" in 3D. One of the concerns is the amount of Red in the costumes and sets. After all, it's a Christmas movie. And Me and Maddy and Dai Ling have these cute Red outfits.

Put on your 3D Glasses and look at the above picture again. I don't think the color scheme is going to make a difference. My tits are gonna pop right out at you.

Here's a couple of more tests shots we did this weekend.

They shoot 3D on a Rig that holds 2 identical camera's side by side. The effect is an optical illusion, but the effect is still pretty remarkable.

Without the Red / Blue Glasses, it looks pretty funky, but when you put the glasses on, it's like you're in the room with me. And that's pretty fucking hot.

 I don't know for sure yet if "A Very Jenny Christmas" is going to be shot in 3D or not, these were just tests, but I think it would be cool if it was.

If you don't have 3D Glasses handy, I won't be a big tease. Here's a 'Normal Shot' of my outfit from the test shoot.

There will be more on their way as we get closer to the shoot date.

In the meantime... find some 3D glasses and let me know what you think about 3D.

Love, Jenny

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First Blog

Well, here we go. I've decided to start a blog so there's a more direct line to keep my friends and fans up to date with what I'm up to. New projects, thoughts and whatever else lands on this page.

It was October of 2009 when "Regarding Jenny" first came out, and while many of you have heard the story's about the movie, none of them have been from my perspective and that's what you'll get here on my blog. The movie was followed by the web site, then the short film sequel, and even an 'R-Rated' Cable Version of my adventures here for television.

Only a year later, and hundreds of thousands of people are watching from over 100 different countries. "Regarding Jenny" even played an international film festival.

If you're new to my story, or you've just started watching, I'm Jenny. Jenny Densuke (den-sick) Not (den-sooky) as some people in the press have mispronounced it. For the last year I've been working as a contract performer for Maddy G Productions, or the 'Marie Madison Company' if you've been around the 'Porn' World for awhile.

So, yeah... there you go. Let's just get this out of the way right now. I'm a 'Porn Star'.

It's not a very popular phrase around here. My boss Marie Madison (we all call her 'Maddy') hates the word 'Porn Star' and calls what we do here 'Erotica'. Yeah, whatever. This is coming from a chick who's last hit movie was called "Fuck My Face".

Don't get me wrong... I love Maddy, but let's not fool ourselves either. Our shows and movies are funny, and some of them are disturbing, but I'm pretty sure a half million people aren't tuning in for the "dick and fart" jokes.

If you're one of those hypocritacle douche nozzles from the "Doll Community", you can fuck off with your hate mail. I've heard it all, and I honestly just don't give a fuck.

Look, sorry if it bugs you, but I've got a body built for sex and the brains to use it in a way that entertains a lot of people. I'm proud of my work, and I'm proud of the people I work with. So, yeah... if you don't like my movies - don't watch them.

Sorry for the rant. What was I saying? Oh yeah... a body built for sex.

Don't blame me... I was built that way. Hahaha.

Well, let me just say all those rumor's you've heard about Dolls being Nympho's, well... they are probably all true. If you've been following along on the web site, or you watched the TV Show, you've already been a witness to how my sexual appetite tends to get me in trouble. Fuck it, I'm only gonna look like this once in my lifetime.

I was in the Second Series of "Inside Marie's Play Place", then "Regarding Jenny", and "Jenny & Marie's Award Show Fiasco". I took a few months away from shooting to promote the films and then last winter I did "Lil' Stella's Really Short Stories". That was the first time I worked with Stella Marie as a director, and it was also my second strap on scene with a chick.

Yeah, as Maddy would say, "Good Times".

The last project I did was the "Inside Marie's Play Place Thanksgiving Special" which actually just hit the stores as I'm writing this. My part in this was actually cut down quite a bit because David Hurley pussied out on me three days before the shoots and Mark and Maddy had to rewrite the script without him. Unfortunately, a bunch of my scenes were tied up with him. Whatever. Here's a shot of me on set:

Yeah, nice Dog Tags. How "1984" of us. Can you believe they're still making me pimp Dirty Laundry? Hey... whatever keeps the show on the road, I'm in.

I've been working on directing my first feature. My plan is for a vignette series called "Dirty Doll Stories", and in fact I've actually already shot a scene with Dai Ling for it. She plays a hooker, and I designed the costume myself.

Although, the requests for "Regarding Jenny 2" are getting louder by the day, so I might have to direct that damn thing if it's ever going to get made. I have a few story's of my own I could throw in the script.

So that's me. Let's call her Jenny 2.0, the new phase of Doll Porn Superstar Director and I'm ready to get back to work. Plus, I make these damn HD camera's look fucking gooooooood.

If you have something to say... write me at  As you've already figured out, I'm not like most Porn Stars, so if you write me, expect an answer in return, so don't waste my time with ridiculous bullshit.

I love all you fuckers.

- Jenny