Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks, and Perfect Mates.


I always thought “Thanksgiving” was a ‘USA Only’ type of Holiday, but after talking to so many friends outside of the USA, I’ve learned that most countries around the world have some version of it around this time of year.

So, to everyone – I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday. Mine was fairly quiet and uneventful, with smaller gatherings of close friends, but that’s sort of how I prefer it.

This time of year, we all tend to take stock of what we have, who we’ve become and how far we’ve come in the journey of life. For me, I’m thankful for my family of friends, of course. But just as importantly, my extended family of the friends who continue to visit me online, tune into my show, and still collect my stuff.

I’ve been at this now since 2009, and while 3 years doesn’t seem like a long time, in the entertainment world, it’s a career. For a Poly who’s very existence was seen as a practical joke on the porn industry, 3 years is a life time.


No part of what my life is like these days could have ever been predicted three years ago. That my movie would turn into a web site that would spawn a web show, along with a social network, a blog and end up part of Amazon and IMDB.

‘Poly Life’ has become ‘Vogue’. Forget ‘Gay’ or ‘Straight’ or ‘Metro-Sexual’, if your romantic notions lean towards a Poly Persuasion,  you’re not just accepted, you are fashionably on the cutting edge of modern relationships.

I have more ‘Poly Power Couples’ in my social networks than I do typical Carbon Couples. And I’m discovering more web sites and blogs hosted by Poly’s than I can ever remember before.


Of course, I don’t take credit for the whole thing, but I am especially proud to have been able to contribute to it. I know for sure that my show has opened up the world of Poly Life to people who previously had no idea it existed. Every time I hear of a new couple enter the adventure of Poly Life, I just makes me happy. 

And this is a really excited time to get into it. Agencies like RealDoll and Sinthetics and Ruby13 are doing so many innovative and cool things that there are more options than ever before to meet your perfect mate.


And speaking of the perfect mate, Karen and I are starting filming on the next series of “Regarding Jenny” episodes on December 1st. It’s been a year since my last episode, which makes me feel like dressing head to toe in black leather and calling it a ‘Comeback Special’.

But I won’t.

Or, maybe I will.

The first episode is going to let you see a bit more of my day to day life with Karen, who you met in the 2nd Episode of “It’s A Tasha Thing”. That small cameo roll that Karen and I did as a favor to Tasha, has gotten a whole lot of people interested in getting to know Karen more.

Lots of questions along the lines of “How does this thing between you and Karen work – exactly?”  We’re best friends, writing partners, and sometimes lovers. It’s a complicated mix, so we thought it might be fun to show you a bit of all of it.

The first of the new episodes will be arriving just in time for Christmas, so we’ll end this amazing year with a bang.

Oh… you know what I mean.

- Jenny

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Vote America!


In the United States, today is Election Day.

Now, aside from the amazing sex, one of the real joys of Poly-Life is that I agree with your political views.

Whatever they are.

If you want to ban guns and gay marriage, or legalize weed and prostitution, or if you want to enslave women and children to make knock off handbags in a 3rd world country… whatever. You won’t be getting any arguments from me.

The USA does not allow Poly’s to vote in any election, so there’s just no point in me forming an opinion about politics. I’ll go with whatever you think.

It’s important to me however, that you contribute to the society you live in. So, if you have the RIGHT to vote, you should. Because there’s lots of places in the world that don’t allow it. Plus, I believe if you do not participate in the decisions being made in your government, you do not have the right to bitch about the result of those decisions.

So, America… get out and vote. For, well… whomever you want.

<3 Jenny