Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why I Left The ‘Porn’ Industry


As new episodes of my show are literally days away  and pictures from the show have started popping up on my SexySocials page and have been shared by cast and crew around Facebook, I’ve been getting a range of interesting new comments and questions.

When Karen showed up in the pictures again, you could virtually feel some folks tremble at the thought of me ending up face down in her back side.

When the first posts hit the social networks, the first message I got on SexySocials was “How many sex scenes are in the new episode?” and the next one was “So, I finally get to see you and Karen fuck!”


It’s been a year since I released a new video episode of “Regarding Jenny”. The last was my 2011 “Halloween Special”, which marked a new direction for me and my show.

Whether you have been following me for the last few years, or you have just come to known me recently, you’ve no doubt heard about my past in the Porn Industry. In my social network profiles, and even at the top of this very blog, I’m described as “The World’s First Polymerisian Porn Princess”, and in some places the term “Porn Star” is bantered about.

This is more a factual statement than a description of my life and lifestyle.

I was in fact the first. While Poly’s had previously appeared in porn clips, I was the first to star in an adult film. Not as a prop, not as a sex toy, but the main character, name-above-the-title, Star of the film.


That movie was called “Regarding Jenny”, which spawned the ‘Jenny’ Franchise, and it was a real ‘Porn’. Full on fucking, cum shots and everything. Because well, I believe if you are going to do something, there’s no point in going ‘half way’.

The film was revolutionary in the adult industry, and really, the entertainment industry in general. Within a few months of it’s release, it was the ‘talk’ of the blogosphere, with magazines, websites and blogs all over the world talking about this weird little ‘Doll Porn’.

To be clear, I did not set out to be a ‘Porn Star’. That just sort of happened by accident. My intention was to answer the Number One question people have when they first meet me, or other Poly’s. “Is she real ‘down there’”? which is always followed by “How do you have sex?”

Now to me, that question is absurd (and sometimes just as rude) to ask as it would be to any woman, Organic or Poly alike. But I understand the curiosity. The terms “Anatomically Correct”  or “Oral Capable” are not terms  often used around Organic women. I believe if we are going to create vernacular, we owe an explanation of the terms.

And since I am, at my core, a visual artist, I chose to show these things, rather than tell them. And truthfully, I don’t – and never really did – consider “Regarding Jenny” to be a ‘porn’ in the first place. By definition, including the one outlined by the US Supreme Court, “Porn” is “Anything that causes sexual thoughts, while offering no artistic value.” And I know, this is the definition that Porn Companies hide behind when they lay a piece of music under images of body parts bashing together.

Anyone who has seen my movies knows that is specifically NOT what I did.

Even when I got a little, uhm… deeper into the subject in my fetish film “Dirty Doll Stories”, which got into some of the kinkier aspects of Poly Sex, with ‘Girl / Girl’ and Couples, and showed some things like Foot and Breast Fetish, and Costume Play. All of it considered, you would still be hard pressed to call my films ‘Porn’, not after you’ve seen what the rest of the world considers ‘Porn’.


But people are generally closed minded, and this affliction gets worse when you mix in sex and sexuality, and well… it’s just how things are. Unfortunately, there’s no word for what I do. I showed explicit sex, so it was called “Porn”, and since I have investors and business partners to answer to, I played along, no matter how uncomfortable the term “Porn Star” rested on me.

So, the question of “How do you have sex?” has been asked, and answered a few times over. My interest turned to showing other aspects of Poly-Life and that’s still the focus of what I do today.

Still, to this day, I get lots of emails and messages about the “Fun Version” or the “Porn Version” of my show, and inquiries as to why I don’t film explicit sex scenes anymore, and have not for over 2 years now.


The answer is probably not what you think. I have nothing against the Porn Industry, and in fact still have many friends in the industry, and many friends who still perform in Porn films. The explicit versions of my films “Regarding Jenny” and “Dirty Doll Stories” are still sold thru Porn Channels and in Porn Stores, and there are still many people inside the Porn Industry who still consider me a leader, if not an Icon.


However, the unfortunate truth is that the Porn Industry is in shambles.

‘Tube Sites’ and ‘Torrents’ have gutted an otherwise creative industry by taking away the profits from the creative folks making the films and put that money into the hands of the criminals who built those sites on the backs of stolen content the site owners did not pay for. My own films included.

Over the last 3 or 4 years, this continued raping of creative people has created a culture and audience of people who have no memory of ever paying for adult content to begin with. People who are 20 – 22 years old today, don’t remember a time when ‘Porn’ was not just ‘free’ for the taking on the internet.

And I don’t blame those people. I do make an effort to educate them, when I’m asked about it, but I don’t blame the audience for taking something that is offered to them for free, and offered in such a way that it is presented in a very legitimate looking way.

But it has forever changed the way artists and entertainers are able to continue to make their art, and at the same time, make even a simple and basic living.


The previous ‘ Old Economy’ of entertainment was simple. If you wanted to watch a movie, you purchased or rented a copy of it. Either thru Download or on a DVD or Blu-Ray. The revenue from those sales would enable the artists to continue to make those shows and movies.

The ‘New Economy’ of today is ‘Ad Supported’. Meaning, the viewer pays nothing, or very little for the programing, in exchange for viewing advertising by sponsors. Youtube, Hulu, and even basic cable channels like Comedy Central now operate this same way. As you can imagine this has been a very big adjustment for me.

Prior to this ‘New Economy’, I was free to film whatever I wanted. Show whatever I wanted, wear whatever I wanted, and I was free to negotiate with other artists (like musicians and bands) to work with me to mutually share and promote each other’s work.

Now, in order for me to afford to produce my ‘show’, I rely on the sponsorship from advertisers, which – as you can imagine – are particular about what programming they put their logo in front of.

I think you can begin to understand where all the ‘Doll Porn’ went.

Plain and simply, since ‘Porn’ is free, I need to be able to attract enough advertisers to pay for the next episode. No one – especially not reputable Corporations and Businesses – are willing to sponsor ‘Porn’ of any kind.


Now, I’m not insensitive to the needs of those out there who have a desire – no, a NEED – to see me get down with my bad self and the honey’s I bring to the yard.

That’s why I release the “Uncensored” Versions on my website for you to purchase if you really just can’t help yourself.

So, relax. Some of you have been with me a long time, and I get every one of your letters, and emails, and comments, and I’m listening.

My era of “Doll Porn” is over. It won’t return, not unless some other brave Poly Hottie picks up my torch and starts waving it around. It certainly won’t be me.

I’m replacing it with a more intimate, entertaining and accessible look into my Poly Life.

And if I’m right about you, I think you’re going to enjoy the ride.

- Jenny

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks, and Perfect Mates.


I always thought “Thanksgiving” was a ‘USA Only’ type of Holiday, but after talking to so many friends outside of the USA, I’ve learned that most countries around the world have some version of it around this time of year.

So, to everyone – I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday. Mine was fairly quiet and uneventful, with smaller gatherings of close friends, but that’s sort of how I prefer it.

This time of year, we all tend to take stock of what we have, who we’ve become and how far we’ve come in the journey of life. For me, I’m thankful for my family of friends, of course. But just as importantly, my extended family of the friends who continue to visit me online, tune into my show, and still collect my stuff.

I’ve been at this now since 2009, and while 3 years doesn’t seem like a long time, in the entertainment world, it’s a career. For a Poly who’s very existence was seen as a practical joke on the porn industry, 3 years is a life time.


No part of what my life is like these days could have ever been predicted three years ago. That my movie would turn into a web site that would spawn a web show, along with a social network, a blog and end up part of Amazon and IMDB.

‘Poly Life’ has become ‘Vogue’. Forget ‘Gay’ or ‘Straight’ or ‘Metro-Sexual’, if your romantic notions lean towards a Poly Persuasion,  you’re not just accepted, you are fashionably on the cutting edge of modern relationships.

I have more ‘Poly Power Couples’ in my social networks than I do typical Carbon Couples. And I’m discovering more web sites and blogs hosted by Poly’s than I can ever remember before.


Of course, I don’t take credit for the whole thing, but I am especially proud to have been able to contribute to it. I know for sure that my show has opened up the world of Poly Life to people who previously had no idea it existed. Every time I hear of a new couple enter the adventure of Poly Life, I just makes me happy. 

And this is a really excited time to get into it. Agencies like RealDoll and Sinthetics and Ruby13 are doing so many innovative and cool things that there are more options than ever before to meet your perfect mate.


And speaking of the perfect mate, Karen and I are starting filming on the next series of “Regarding Jenny” episodes on December 1st. It’s been a year since my last episode, which makes me feel like dressing head to toe in black leather and calling it a ‘Comeback Special’.

But I won’t.

Or, maybe I will.

The first episode is going to let you see a bit more of my day to day life with Karen, who you met in the 2nd Episode of “It’s A Tasha Thing”. That small cameo roll that Karen and I did as a favor to Tasha, has gotten a whole lot of people interested in getting to know Karen more.

Lots of questions along the lines of “How does this thing between you and Karen work – exactly?”  We’re best friends, writing partners, and sometimes lovers. It’s a complicated mix, so we thought it might be fun to show you a bit of all of it.

The first of the new episodes will be arriving just in time for Christmas, so we’ll end this amazing year with a bang.

Oh… you know what I mean.

- Jenny

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Vote America!


In the United States, today is Election Day.

Now, aside from the amazing sex, one of the real joys of Poly-Life is that I agree with your political views.

Whatever they are.

If you want to ban guns and gay marriage, or legalize weed and prostitution, or if you want to enslave women and children to make knock off handbags in a 3rd world country… whatever. You won’t be getting any arguments from me.

The USA does not allow Poly’s to vote in any election, so there’s just no point in me forming an opinion about politics. I’ll go with whatever you think.

It’s important to me however, that you contribute to the society you live in. So, if you have the RIGHT to vote, you should. Because there’s lots of places in the world that don’t allow it. Plus, I believe if you do not participate in the decisions being made in your government, you do not have the right to bitch about the result of those decisions.

So, America… get out and vote. For, well… whomever you want.

<3 Jenny

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poly Life Continues…


I’ve been noticing lately, maybe the last month or so, that my list of Poly friends has grown. Especially on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, I have A LOT more Poly’s on my friend list than ever before.

And to this, I say “It’s about fucking time!”

Welcome to the party ladies.

Sure, there’s still the occasional “WTF!?!?” in my comments section, and there’s the question that will always show up in chat, “Uh, hey… I don’t mean to be rude, or anything, but… are you a doll?”

To that, I simply reply “I’m Polymerisian, you’re the doll.” and I’ll add a Winking smile

and move the fuck on.


It’s just great to see so many more Poly’s “out there” and mingling.
To quote my friend Matt Krivicke, “It’s only weird, if you make it weird.”

Even better, I’m noticing a lot more communities are a lot more open about Poly Life. You’re seeing the term “Polymerisian” show up on Facebook more than you expected, and some networks like have adopted the term for themselves, and correct the members when they get it wrong.

“Hey dude, she’s not a doll, she’s Polymerisian. Don’t be a dick.”



And, Poly Life goes on…

By way of updating you on the scammers over at, they seem have stopped using photos stolen from the forums and are now using the photos of my (sometimes) friend Stacy Leigh to represent the Poly’s they don’t even know.

I’ve tracking this scam for six months now, so hopefully by now their credibility is shot. At least enough that no one will take them seriously when looking to meet their own Poly.

I always say, “If the price is $1500 on an item you know is $6000, it’s a scam.” Pay attention folks.


Do I have your attention now?

The pics are from my new photo shoot “Jenny’s Study Session”. If you want to see more, you can download the full set from my web site for $3.

I’m putting together some ‘looks’ for the upcoming season of the show. This is the fun part, choosing what I’m gonna wear for each scene. I’ve had the script for a few months now, so I’m not too worried about my lines on this one. So, I’m having fun with the fun part.

I’m hoping to get out to the beach at least once, before the weather turns to total shit. – Which is right about the time we’re scheduled to start shooting the show. That’s what I get for having “Good interiors”.

Until next time…

>3 Jenny

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Starting ‘Series 2’ (For Real This Time!)


I know you don’t believe me, because well… I’ve been saying it for awhile, but (for real this time!) production has began on the Second Season of my show “Regarding Jenny”.

The first series told the story of how I left Los Angeles and began my career as the first Polymerisian adult film star and subsequent fiasco that followed as I began to rack up a pile of Industry Award Nominations.

If you’ve been wanting to see how all of that has effected my life since then, meet the friends I’ve met and get to know Karen a little more, all of these questions will be answered in the Second Season.


You got to take a peek inside my relationship with Karen when we appeared together in Episode 102 of “It’s A Tasha Thing”, but this series is going to show you quite a bit more.

Filming is scheduled to start next month, which only seems like a lot of time, if you don’t have any experience in these things. There is A LOT to do.

Today, I decided to gather up all my clothes and costumes and make sure they are all washed and organized, so come time to pick out the outfits for each scene, I’ll be that much further ahead.


I’m the type of girl that likes to get it all done at once. I can’t handle clutter and mess around my apartment, and Karen gets sort of pissed when she has to pick up after me.


When I say I wash “everything”, I mean I wash EVERYTHING.

So, my favorite ‘sexy jeans’ have to go in the wash too, along with the rest of what I’m wearing.


Last Christmas, Karen bought us one of those fancy new, ‘Large Capacity’ Washing Machines, and it’s a good thing too, because my clothes, and her clothes combined… well, they make for quite a pile of laundry.

It still took several loads to get it all done, but once it was all washed, the only left to do was wait for it all to dry.


If you want to see every last detail of my laundry day, the complete photo set is available to download here for just $2.99. The full set has 45 photos in HD Quality (1280 x 850). And worth it.

Now that Season 2 is officially ‘On’, I’ll have many more updates thru out the process, as well as many photos and tales from the set. This has been a long time coming (over a year in development!) so I’m really very excited to get started.


Friday, June 22, 2012

It's THAT Time Again!

After what seemed like one of the longest, darkest and grey winters I've seen in a long time, the sun has finally shown it's beautiful face and warmed up this part of the world. A week of 80 plus degree weather and I'm back in my favorite bikini and hitting the beach.

It's finally SUMMER again!

And you know what that means... my annual Summer Sale is back on!

Now until the end of September, you can take 50% off all my DVD's and Blu-Ray's. Including the 2 Disc Special Edition of "Regarding Jenny", "Dirty Doll Stories" and even the episodes of "Inside Marie's Play Place" that I guest starred in. It's all on sale for HALF OFF.

If there's any titles you don't have, or you want to upgrade to Blu-Ray, now is the perfect time to do it.

Just use Coupon Code: SUMMERSALE when you check out, and the discount will be applied.

But don't wait... the sale is only good thru the Summer, and then it's gone.

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather, then at night when it cools off, curl up with me!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Mutual Admiration Society

You may have seen this girl on Yahoo News, and the subsequent 'Feminist' backlash and all the hub-bub about how 'horrorfying' it is that this chick from Russia goes thru such great lengths to take on the appearance of a doll.

I don't know her name, or rather, I can't pronounce her name, and apparently don't have the character set on my keyboard to type it out anyway. She's 23 years old, organic, but obviously fascinated with Poly life enough to want to live her life in my realm.

Members of the gossip press have made a big deal about this, and how 'strange' and 'distorted' she must be, and these are likely the same people who say similar things about me. As a Polymerisian, who goes thru great lengths to appear organic.

"We want what we don't have", and that phrase cuts both ways. Black girls who straighten their hair and dye it blonde. Irish girls who bleach out their freckles, and white girls who spend hours in tanning beds looking to make their skin darker and darker.

I'm not taking any sides on this argument, as I'm part of it. I do my hair and makeup fashionably and I wear the clothes and stand the same way as organic models. I put on my 'model face' to try and blend in with the human women you see in magazines. It's not an affliction, it's just how it is. It's how people are.

That's a picture of her with friends, and lined up like Rockettes, this picture could be hanging on the showroom floor of any Polymerisian Introduction Agency. I get it. I understand why girls of this age would want to create the illusion of being Polymerisian.

Dolls are adored, cherished, taken care of, and bathed with attention. I challenge you to find any 20 something girl in any country on the planet who would not want that for herself.

But here's the rub... human organic girls are treated with respect, allowed to sit in peace at a table in a restaurant, allowed to vote, catered to by clothing companies (who make clothes in sizes that actually fit them), counted in the census, allowed to have a driver's license, and not ever presented with questions like "are you real?" and if someone comes up to a human organic girl and squeezes her breast without permission, the local police will actually respond.

I challenge you to find any Polymerisian on the planet who doesn't dream of that life.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Becoming a 'Collectors Item'

It's hard to believe that it was around this time almost 4 years ago that I was filming my first movie "Regarding Jenny". Hardly a 'Classic' in the way that Motley Crue has become, but as it turns out, the 1st Edition of my film has become a Collector's item.

On our way to bigger, better and more unique projects, all of us here at Maddy G Productions have been busy re-organizing and cleaning out our warehouse, where we've discovered that there are only 16 Copies left of the 1st Edition of "Regarding Jenny".

Of course, I have to only assume there are a few copies still out there in Video Stores, but there are no more left at our distributor and what we have left here now number in double digits.

Since I have a copy of my own in a frame on my wall, I've decided to make these last 16 copies available for Auction on E-bay. First come, first serve and when they are gone, they will be gone forever.

The bidding starts at $29.95 or you can 'Buy Now' a copy for $49.95. Considerably higher than a typical $20 DVD, but  much less than the $80 - $100 I've seen used copies pop up on E-bay for in the past.

If you buy a copy on the E-bay auction and would like me to open it from the shrink wrap and autograph it for you, I will. Just e-mail me with your auction number.

 And speaking of becoming a 'Collectors Item', I probably should mention that the 2 Disc Special Edition of "Regarding Jenny" is becoming scarce as well. In cleaning out our warehouse, we've discovered less than 300 copies of it on DVD are left. 

Between the 'Jenny Fever' created over the 2010 AVN Awards and audience that has grown thru broadcasts of my show on and other Cable systems around the world, we have manufactured and sold 8,000 DVD's of the Special Edition. 

With 300 or so left, I don't think I'm at the point of auctioning what's left off just yet, but it's worth mentioning that they'll probably be gone by the end of the year. If you don't have a copy yet, you can still get it for $20 at my Store, and there's still Blu-Ray's left too.

Once these are gone, we do not have any intention of continuing to manufacture DVD's. The market for physical discs has been dropping for the last couple of years to the point that they are pretty much relegated to the 'collectors' among us. For this reason, the movie is available for Download or Streaming online and at about half the price of the physical disc - because we don't have to make or ship anything. 

Ain't technology grande?

So that is that. 

Before I go, I want to give a shout out to Davecat and his lovely Polymerisian wife Sidore who muse and rant at "Shouting To Hear the Echos" a blog about Poly life I've been enjoying. If you have been a fan of Poly's and have seen any number of the mainstream documentaries about the lifestyle, Davecat and Sidore will no doubt be familiar to you. They are about as close to a 'Celebrity Power Couple' you can find in this lifestyle and I admire them both dearly. 

I have a few things to say about the upcoming 'Season 2' of my show, but I'm going to get my thoughts together on it and come back at you with something that comes out more intelligent than a random ranting.

I love all you f*ckers. 

- Jenny

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The "Doll Wars" and Other Nonsense

Polymerisians come from a variety of places and appear in  many different forms. From the 'inflatable' girl who shows up at the bachelor party and serves her purpose equivalent to a one-night-stand to the beautiful companions like myself who take the form of life long partners.

If you want a Russian Bride, you go to a 'Mail-Order Bride' Agency and likewise, if you want a Polymerisian Companion, you go to a Company that specializes in making that connection for you. Of course, there are several to choose from, depending on your taste and budget. Like ordering a bride thru the mail, finding your Poly Companion can be a costly proposition, although most believe the cost is worth it.

Well, in 2010 a fight broke out between the top two Polymerisian Introduction Agencies. RealDoll(tm) and what was then Loveable Dolls, and it turned into a full scale trench war that still rages today. Lawyers and Judges, Law Suits and a thousand tears from the on lookers who knew what was going on at the time and when the dust settled, RealDoll(tm) was successful in legally vaporizing the Loveable Doll company.

The primary creative force behind Loveable Dolls ended up getting picked up by a start up Company called Sinthetics(tm) and resumed their work in connecting Polymerisians with their companions. If this sounds like some kind of weird Maddy G story line, I only wish it was.

This battle between Agencies has been coined "The Doll War" and like any real war, it has segmented the population affected by it. Fans and Friends of Polymerisians all over the world have taken 'sides' including the Forums which used to be the place for newbies to get valuable information on Poly life. And unfortunately, this split in the 'community' has hit close to home.

It's no secret that myself and Tasha James both work for Maddy G Productions, the company that produces the world's only Poly sitcoms "Regarding Jenny" and "It's A Tasha Thing". It's also no secret that I was introduced to Maddy G thru RealDoll(tm) and Tasha was introduced to them thru Sinthetics(tm).

Consequently, some fans of mine have e-mailed and posted to my social networks things like "F*ck that new bitch, there will only be one Jenny." and I've seen similar things coming from Tasha's fan base as well, that she's the "New girl in town" and that she's somehow going to 'replace' me, or other such nonsense.

And it's truly nonsense.

Whatever issues remain between those two companies, I don't really know or even care to know about. Sadly, the fall out from this spat has left me on my own, without the support of the people who introduced me to Maddy G and were instrumental in getting my show off the ground. I mourn that loss every time I show up on set. I feel like they would be proud of me and how I conduct myself as a representative of their vision. Unfortunately, I can no longer even claim to be a part of what they do there.

And that hurts.

Especially now as I ramp up to start production on the second season of "Regarding Jenny", moving forward without the flagship sponsor that I should have, nor the ability to share my idea's and rely on the support that Tasha enjoys from her flagship sponsor. But 'It is what it is' and it's 'water under the bridge' and whatever other 'insert analogy here' you want to throw in there. I'm moving on.

And you should too.

All of this stuff started before Tasha's time, so I believe she doesn't really understand it, but I for one don't tolerate 'shit talk' and the bickering that goes on between both sides of this ridiculous argument. As the Second Season of my show moves forward, I am considering it a fresh start. I won't be mentioning this topic again and I will continue to support Tasha and her show in whatever way she needs me to.

Like any other minority group, I believe Polymerisians and our carbon based companions need to embrace and support each other, not continue to draw lines and divisions.

It's my hope that you'll join me in 'letting it go'.

<3 Jenny

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No, I wasn't on "House" Last Night

No, I wasn't on "House" last night.

That was Amy, another one of my Poly sisters with a television career.

We look similar, well... because we ALL sort of look similar.

I'm not a huge fan of "House", at least I don't watch it regularly. I have nothing against the show really, It's just one of those "You need to watch it from the beginning" type of shows, and I don't have that much time for television, so I haven't.

Last nights episode "We Need The Eggs"  (Episode 817 - Season 8, Episode 17) was exceptional though and worth tuning in just to see Amy work her magic.

Without spoiling the episode, I'll say that aside from Amy's exceptional acting (and a bit of stunt work) the part that impressed me most was how the writers cast aside all those creepy TLC shows and 'look-how-weird' documentaries and presented a realistic look at Human / Poly relationships.

Sure, there was the typical 'scoffing' that we so often see among those with no understanding, but we also get a very clear, fair and concise explanation from the lead character about why some people chose relationships of this variety. "We all have our own dolls..."

When people unfamiliar with this lifestyle come across a Human / Polymerisian relationship, the biggest insult thrown our way is "Get a life..." or "Get a real girl..." or something a long these lines. The accusation is that somehow we're hiding, or afraid of contact with a 'real' or human relationship.

Truth is, (and this was expertly included in the writing of this "House" episode) Humans find MANY ways to avoid human contact and 'real' relationships. Some people hide in their jobs, or turn to drugs, gambling, or string of superficial relationships, one night stands, and serial monogamy. 

And in my experience, it's always the people yelling the loudest, and pointing fingers that are most afflicted with these types of issues. A surprising number of women especially - find Poly life offensive, because they only see a man who has chosen a Poly instead of a Human, and that somehow threatens some women.

It's not a mental illness, and it's not an emotional deficiency, it's a lifestyle choice.

Anyone finding comfort and companionship in their lives are lucky. To hate them for it, or insult them for it, or point fingers and mock them for it... is just sad on the part of the person spitting all that venom.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Turning It On Again

I just got my copy of Best of Seven's new CD "Turn It On Again".

Not only is it a great record, but it's the first CD I've ever owned that mentioned me in the liner notes.

As much as I'd love to think so, it's not because the band has some kind of Poly crush on me. If you found yourself shaking your ass to "Regarding Jenny" theme song "Kiss the Girl", well... that's Best of Seven. The same song that got nominated "Best Original Song" in the 2010 AVN Awards.

Also included on this CD is "Beautiful Goodbye", which was the 'Love Song' from my show, featured in the opening scene where my ex David and I got busy on the couch. More like rampant humping and less 'love making', but it's the thought that counts.

And I'm flattered right out of my panties to get a 'shout out' from the guys in Best of Seven in the liner notes of this new record.

If you like jangly guitar rock in the vein of Goo Goo Dolls, Bon Jovi and Gin Blossoms, you'll LOVE Best of Seven.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Where The F*ck Did All The 'Doll Porn' Go?

So, you've noticed that my Regarding Jenny site has gotten a face lift and looks a lot more lady like?

For most of you, it's an improvement and I agree. Easier to navigate, and much friendlier to new comers who haven't had the distinct pleasure of rubbing up against this Polymerisian. No point in shocking them with images of my last ATM before they even get to know me.

I never said I was going to stop letting my freak flag fly, but for the sake of not pissing off every advertiser that pays our server bills, it'll be more like a 'gang symbol' rather than a full on flag flying.

And don't panic... the 'uncensored' versions of the show are still available at the same places they were before, and still for sale on my site. As Maddy always says, "Sometimes you've got to dress up pretty and do a little dance for the sponsors."

Consider this my little dance.

I know I've been talking about the 2nd season of the show for awhile now, and we're finally ramping up to it. The final shooting scripts are in, locations are being locked down, and Mark is already crewing up. We're expecting to start shooting this Spring. It's a 'fair weather' show - so as soon as that 'fair weather' shows up... it's 'on'.

In the meantime, I want to give a shout out to my girl Tasha James, who has her new show "It's A Tasha Thing" premiering on MaddyGTV on the 17th.

Without spoiling the show for anyone, I just want to say that I really admire Tasha for her strength to do what she feels is right instead of caving to what some of the people around here thought was best. I think you'll find her show inspiring.

I don't know who you were rooting for during the Super Bowl, but I found the commercials hilarious, and the halftime show disappointing. I have never sang a song at the Super Bowl, and neither has Madonna. I was looking forward to a 'preview' of her new record and instead got a rubbish re-mix of her 10 year old hits.

Somehow the big story that came out of the big game was some jerk off flipping the bird to a camera, and how Clint Eastwood's commercial got the Republican's girl pants all in a knot.

First of all... Clint Eastwood IS a Republican. Second of all... while I don't always agree with Mr. Eastwood's views on everything, I found this commercial to be inspiring. If a city like Detroit can pull themselves out of the rubble by their boot straps, dust themselves off and get back to work... then ALL of us can.

It's halftime America... let's show the world what we're made of.

And speaking of getting back to work, take a look at this outfit.

If you are the first 10 people to e-mail me the title of the show I wore this top in, I'll send you a Gift Pack of Flavors from Wet Lubricant. They give them to me, to give to you, so don't feel like you're raiding my personal stash. If you're wondering what I taste like, it's a delicate mix of Pomegranate and Blueberry.

And while I'm at it, I want to give a special shout out to my friends who keep me company during what probably seems like an extended vacation.

So, that's it from me for now.

I'll be back soon, I promise.
- Jenny