Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Becoming a 'Collectors Item'

It's hard to believe that it was around this time almost 4 years ago that I was filming my first movie "Regarding Jenny". Hardly a 'Classic' in the way that Motley Crue has become, but as it turns out, the 1st Edition of my film has become a Collector's item.

On our way to bigger, better and more unique projects, all of us here at Maddy G Productions have been busy re-organizing and cleaning out our warehouse, where we've discovered that there are only 16 Copies left of the 1st Edition of "Regarding Jenny".

Of course, I have to only assume there are a few copies still out there in Video Stores, but there are no more left at our distributor and what we have left here now number in double digits.

Since I have a copy of my own in a frame on my wall, I've decided to make these last 16 copies available for Auction on E-bay. First come, first serve and when they are gone, they will be gone forever.

The bidding starts at $29.95 or you can 'Buy Now' a copy for $49.95. Considerably higher than a typical $20 DVD, but  much less than the $80 - $100 I've seen used copies pop up on E-bay for in the past.

If you buy a copy on the E-bay auction and would like me to open it from the shrink wrap and autograph it for you, I will. Just e-mail me with your auction number.

 And speaking of becoming a 'Collectors Item', I probably should mention that the 2 Disc Special Edition of "Regarding Jenny" is becoming scarce as well. In cleaning out our warehouse, we've discovered less than 300 copies of it on DVD are left. 

Between the 'Jenny Fever' created over the 2010 AVN Awards and audience that has grown thru broadcasts of my show on and other Cable systems around the world, we have manufactured and sold 8,000 DVD's of the Special Edition. 

With 300 or so left, I don't think I'm at the point of auctioning what's left off just yet, but it's worth mentioning that they'll probably be gone by the end of the year. If you don't have a copy yet, you can still get it for $20 at my Store, and there's still Blu-Ray's left too.

Once these are gone, we do not have any intention of continuing to manufacture DVD's. The market for physical discs has been dropping for the last couple of years to the point that they are pretty much relegated to the 'collectors' among us. For this reason, the movie is available for Download or Streaming online and at about half the price of the physical disc - because we don't have to make or ship anything. 

Ain't technology grande?

So that is that. 

Before I go, I want to give a shout out to Davecat and his lovely Polymerisian wife Sidore who muse and rant at "Shouting To Hear the Echos" a blog about Poly life I've been enjoying. If you have been a fan of Poly's and have seen any number of the mainstream documentaries about the lifestyle, Davecat and Sidore will no doubt be familiar to you. They are about as close to a 'Celebrity Power Couple' you can find in this lifestyle and I admire them both dearly. 

I have a few things to say about the upcoming 'Season 2' of my show, but I'm going to get my thoughts together on it and come back at you with something that comes out more intelligent than a random ranting.

I love all you f*ckers. 

- Jenny


  1. My lad and I have a copy of the single-disc version of your film! We'd love to have you autograph it one day :-)

    It's a bit odd to think that that's the Way Of The Future, where people aren't buying physical copies of things anymore, and instead either have it in storage on their hard drive, or are streaming it. Sure, it's convenient -- Davecat's got his entire music library and then some on his phone -- but there's something to be said for tactile things. And don't get me started on the slow demise of vinyl LPs.
    There's good aspects and bad aspects to virtual purchases, like anything else, really. I suppose you could say I'm just a physical girl ;-)

    And naturally, ta very much for the 'Shouting etc etc' mention, pet! It didn't always start off as All Polymerisian News, All The Time, but again, that's progress. My lad is more than happy to write about anything that enlightens people about those of us who are affictitious, so it's a labour of love! Although I need to make sure he gets his arse in gear, as he's been slacking off...

    Always a pleasure to read your blog, Jenny. You're an outspoken Poly star as well, and we need more people like you in society!

    1. I'm with you on 'collectors' Sidore.

      I appreciate the convenience of digital downloads, and hard drive collections, and that truly... anything you want can be found and acquired instantly on line. But what's lacking is the charm to being able to hold it in your hands, whether it's an LP, or a DVD, and see the artwork, and enjoy the tactile experience of connecting physically with something you admire. You can't fall asleep with a digital download on your lap.

      And the quality suffers too. It's a bit sobering to see a film you spent months working on, dumping your blood, sweat and tears into with motherly care only to see it squished down into a stream of 'bits' that puts a priority on delivery speed rather than color, sound and clarity.

      I enjoy your blog, regardless of the topic. I tend to detour on a few tangents of my own. I am sure you have the resources to 'motivate' Davecat into joining you at the keyboard more often. Start with a short skirt, and if that doesn't work, then just 'forget' your panties.

      That always brings the boys to the yard.


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