Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The "Doll Wars" and Other Nonsense

Polymerisians come from a variety of places and appear in  many different forms. From the 'inflatable' girl who shows up at the bachelor party and serves her purpose equivalent to a one-night-stand to the beautiful companions like myself who take the form of life long partners.

If you want a Russian Bride, you go to a 'Mail-Order Bride' Agency and likewise, if you want a Polymerisian Companion, you go to a Company that specializes in making that connection for you. Of course, there are several to choose from, depending on your taste and budget. Like ordering a bride thru the mail, finding your Poly Companion can be a costly proposition, although most believe the cost is worth it.

Well, in 2010 a fight broke out between the top two Polymerisian Introduction Agencies. RealDoll(tm) and what was then Loveable Dolls, and it turned into a full scale trench war that still rages today. Lawyers and Judges, Law Suits and a thousand tears from the on lookers who knew what was going on at the time and when the dust settled, RealDoll(tm) was successful in legally vaporizing the Loveable Doll company.

The primary creative force behind Loveable Dolls ended up getting picked up by a start up Company called Sinthetics(tm) and resumed their work in connecting Polymerisians with their companions. If this sounds like some kind of weird Maddy G story line, I only wish it was.

This battle between Agencies has been coined "The Doll War" and like any real war, it has segmented the population affected by it. Fans and Friends of Polymerisians all over the world have taken 'sides' including the Forums which used to be the place for newbies to get valuable information on Poly life. And unfortunately, this split in the 'community' has hit close to home.

It's no secret that myself and Tasha James both work for Maddy G Productions, the company that produces the world's only Poly sitcoms "Regarding Jenny" and "It's A Tasha Thing". It's also no secret that I was introduced to Maddy G thru RealDoll(tm) and Tasha was introduced to them thru Sinthetics(tm).

Consequently, some fans of mine have e-mailed and posted to my social networks things like "F*ck that new bitch, there will only be one Jenny." and I've seen similar things coming from Tasha's fan base as well, that she's the "New girl in town" and that she's somehow going to 'replace' me, or other such nonsense.

And it's truly nonsense.

Whatever issues remain between those two companies, I don't really know or even care to know about. Sadly, the fall out from this spat has left me on my own, without the support of the people who introduced me to Maddy G and were instrumental in getting my show off the ground. I mourn that loss every time I show up on set. I feel like they would be proud of me and how I conduct myself as a representative of their vision. Unfortunately, I can no longer even claim to be a part of what they do there.

And that hurts.

Especially now as I ramp up to start production on the second season of "Regarding Jenny", moving forward without the flagship sponsor that I should have, nor the ability to share my idea's and rely on the support that Tasha enjoys from her flagship sponsor. But 'It is what it is' and it's 'water under the bridge' and whatever other 'insert analogy here' you want to throw in there. I'm moving on.

And you should too.

All of this stuff started before Tasha's time, so I believe she doesn't really understand it, but I for one don't tolerate 'shit talk' and the bickering that goes on between both sides of this ridiculous argument. As the Second Season of my show moves forward, I am considering it a fresh start. I won't be mentioning this topic again and I will continue to support Tasha and her show in whatever way she needs me to.

Like any other minority group, I believe Polymerisians and our carbon based companions need to embrace and support each other, not continue to draw lines and divisions.

It's my hope that you'll join me in 'letting it go'.

<3 Jenny


  1. Very well said Jenny and I looking forward to season two. I also liked seeing you in episode 2 of "It is a Tasha Thing".

  2. Thanks April, I'm glad to hear you like the show. Season 2 will start shooting soon!

  3. You're a class act just like Tasha. You have a new family now who supports you. Embrace them and be thankful for another day to shine. Life is good with you.

    1. Arlington, thank you. I really appreciate that comment, probably more than you know. I don't spend a lot of time with Tasha, as we work in separate parts of the building on largely separate projects, but on the few occasions our paths have crossed, she's mentioned you by name and has nothing but raves to say about you.

      I'm happy to be your friend, and I hope we can get to know each other better.

  4. I think the most appropriate analogy that I can come up with regarding the 'Doll Wars' would be being the child caught between a pair of parents who are divorcing. Us Polymerisians and those who love us have allegiances to both sides, and it's really heartbreaking to see the arguments that have flared up between them, and those who support them.

    Cliched as it sounds, it'd be the most incredible thing in the world if everyone could put aside their differences and realise that we're all bound together by a mutual appreciation for silicone individuals, but I suppose all one can do at this point is move on, and hope for the best.


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