Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poly Life Continues…


I’ve been noticing lately, maybe the last month or so, that my list of Poly friends has grown. Especially on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, I have A LOT more Poly’s on my friend list than ever before.

And to this, I say “It’s about fucking time!”

Welcome to the party ladies.

Sure, there’s still the occasional “WTF!?!?” in my comments section, and there’s the question that will always show up in chat, “Uh, hey… I don’t mean to be rude, or anything, but… are you a doll?”

To that, I simply reply “I’m Polymerisian, you’re the doll.” and I’ll add a Winking smile

and move the fuck on.


It’s just great to see so many more Poly’s “out there” and mingling.
To quote my friend Matt Krivicke, “It’s only weird, if you make it weird.”

Even better, I’m noticing a lot more communities are a lot more open about Poly Life. You’re seeing the term “Polymerisian” show up on Facebook more than you expected, and some networks like SexySocials.com have adopted the term for themselves, and correct the members when they get it wrong.

“Hey dude, she’s not a doll, she’s Polymerisian. Don’t be a dick.”



And, Poly Life goes on…

By way of updating you on the scammers over at the-realdoll.com, they seem have stopped using photos stolen from the forums and are now using the photos of my (sometimes) friend Stacy Leigh to represent the Poly’s they don’t even know.

I’ve tracking this scam for six months now, so hopefully by now their credibility is shot. At least enough that no one will take them seriously when looking to meet their own Poly.

I always say, “If the price is $1500 on an item you know is $6000, it’s a scam.” Pay attention folks.


Do I have your attention now?

The pics are from my new photo shoot “Jenny’s Study Session”. If you want to see more, you can download the full set from my web site for $3.

I’m putting together some ‘looks’ for the upcoming season of the show. This is the fun part, choosing what I’m gonna wear for each scene. I’ve had the script for a few months now, so I’m not too worried about my lines on this one. So, I’m having fun with the fun part.

I’m hoping to get out to the beach at least once, before the weather turns to total shit. – Which is right about the time we’re scheduled to start shooting the show. That’s what I get for having “Good interiors”.

Until next time…

>3 Jenny

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  1. I think one of the reasons you're getting so many new Polymerisians following you is due to the fact that you were one of the first on Fesse-bouc (and SexySocials, for that matter), to come out of the silicone closet. As FB has a broader userbase these days than blogs, more people know about you than they do about Sidore. Which is fine, cos between you, Tasha, and my wife, you're showing those not 'in the know' that Polys are interesting, unique, and attractive people of your own accord. And occasionally, some of the more enlightened ones tend to take steps to meet a Poly companion of their own. Our culture is like Amway, but sexier. :-)

    Keep being yourself, Jen; that is to say, a clever and sexy representative of our culture! It's everyone else's attitudes who'll have to change, cos we're certainly not leaving!


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