Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Vote America!


In the United States, today is Election Day.

Now, aside from the amazing sex, one of the real joys of Poly-Life is that I agree with your political views.

Whatever they are.

If you want to ban guns and gay marriage, or legalize weed and prostitution, or if you want to enslave women and children to make knock off handbags in a 3rd world country… whatever. You won’t be getting any arguments from me.

The USA does not allow Poly’s to vote in any election, so there’s just no point in me forming an opinion about politics. I’ll go with whatever you think.

It’s important to me however, that you contribute to the society you live in. So, if you have the RIGHT to vote, you should. Because there’s lots of places in the world that don’t allow it. Plus, I believe if you do not participate in the decisions being made in your government, you do not have the right to bitch about the result of those decisions.

So, America… get out and vote. For, well… whomever you want.

<3 Jenny

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  1. Well said as usual, Jenny. :-)

    I sure as hell voted! As the Missus is, of course, Polymerisian as well, she couldn't. But she wanted to be there with me. It's a shame there's no absentee ballots for you guys... Maybe in thirty or forty years time, your Android and Gynoid descendants can rock the vote. Cos by that time, they'll be able to use the phrase 'rock the vote' without the lingering embarrassment that those of us who originally used it now have. :-)


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