Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The AVN Awards & My Big Secret

This morning, I woke up to the news that one of my recent movies "Lil' Stella Marie's Really Short Stories" has been Nominated "Best Specialty Release" in the 2011 AVN Awards. The AVN Awards are considered the "Oscar's of Porn", and this is my second Nomination, not counting the Nominations "Inside Marie's Play Place" has received.

I want to offer congratulations to Stella Marie who wrote and Directed the film.

It's sort of an awkward moment, considering the weird string of events revolving around my relationship with Stella.

See, I had just returned for last year's AVN Awards and had begun working on my next set of projects when Stella showed up. She works for "S & P" for Maddy G Productions, which means "Standard's & Practices". Part of her job is to make sure we don't break any of the bullshit 'Porn Rules' so that we can actually get our movies into the video stores so you can buy them.

Some of these rules are things like "No Fisting", "No Rape Scenes", "No Vomit" and "No Peeing". It's not that these things are neccessarily illegal, but including them in your movie means that you'll have a hard time getting into many stores. So, Stella's job is to monitor the productions and monitor the Director's so the Company can get the most 'bang' for our buck.

Well, during her visit, Stella confronted me about some 'discrepencies' in my paper work she found while snooping around. Now, there's a couple of things I haven't exactly shared openly with my boss Maddy, or even Mark, our photographer. And honestly, I'd rather keep it that way.

Well, Stella busted me cold, called me out on it, and to make matters worse, offered to keep her mouth shut in exchange for a little bit of 'Hot Doll Love'. Now, I'll be honest, I'd never gotten down with a Midget before, and that alone had me intrigued. But more importantly, a secret of this magnitude is the kind of thing that could get this Doll fired from my job here at Maddy G Productions, if not brought up on Criminal Charges, and I don't think THIS Doll would fair well in Prison. So... I agreed.

Keep in mind, I'm only 5' 1", so when I straped on that dildo, she went to work without even getting on her knees. I learned pretty quickly why Stella is the Top Midget in Porn.

So she's deep throating this dildo, and thrusting her tiny fingers up my tight cooch and I could tell this wasn't going to be just another 'hook up' with a chick. I got so turned on by watching her work her mouth on my strap on cock, that I needed to get a taste of her.

Seated on the floor, with my tongue ready and willing, Stella planted that big ol' Hollywood style Ass right on my face, where I could do nothing else but lap up her delicious midget juice. And she worked that shit all over my face until she had enough. 

 Then, it was my turn. Stella laid me out on the couch and down on her knees where she started working those little fingers into my pussy and my already gaping ass while she used her mouth on my pussy and clit. This bitch knows what the fuck she's doing too... because once I started cumming, I didn't stop until she stopped.

"Damn." That's all I'm gonna say.

And the good news... is (so far anyway) she's kept quiet about my 'little secret'.

If you want to see the video of this whole scene play out, you can Download it at http://www.regardingjenny.com/ or you can see it as part of "Lil' Stella's Really Short Stories" which is available pretty much everywhere on DVD, Download and Blu-Ray.


- Jenny

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