Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Christmas Present from Dai Ling (Whole Story)

We had just started pre-production on "A Very Jenny Christmas", designing the sets, figuring out our costumes, ect. The end of a pretty long day.

Maddy and Mark had both left for the day, leaving Dai and I alone in the Studio. Now Dai and I hadn't really had very much time to hang out together, not since "Award Show Fiasco", so it was nice to just chill. I certainly wasn't expecting a present, but... that's the kind of chick Dai is.

The present was a brand new Strap-On from Pipedream Products, that has a delicious looking black cock attachment. Big and veiny, and honestly... just looking at it made me a little moist. I guess I wasn't the only one, because when Dai leaned in for a kiss, it turned into much more.

Our make-out session turned into a heavy-petting session, and the more Dai used her mouth on me, the more turned on I got. She could tell too, because after about 10 minutes, she slid down onto the floor and started working her long fingers into my pussy.

That was enough to send me over the edge, and I just couldn't resist taking her by the hair and pushing her sweet mouth into my already gushing pussy.

Damn... that girl knows how to work a Doll into a frenzy, and we hadn't even used the new strap on yet! Since I was pretty much outta my by that point already, Dai did the honors, teasing me with that glorious cock by fucking my tits with it.

That wasn't enough for either of us, so Dai slid her body up and began to fuck my mouth it, until I was drooling girl goo all over that black cock.

When she was satisfied I had gotten it wet enough, she turned me around to 'assume the position' - and then power fucked me in doggie style until I came so hard my head started spinning. Being another Doll, she sure knows how to use me right.

By the time she was done with me, we were both sweaty and exhausted, so we just curled up in each other's arms for the night until we both fell blissfully asleep.

What a great way to end the Thanksgiving break. I think I'm going to really enjoy working on this movie with Dai, adn I hope we can find more 'alone time' like this during production.

If you want to see all the shots from this Dirty Doll Story, you can purchase the entire photo set for just $5.99 by clicking the picture above. There are 44 Pictures in the set, and as a Special Bonus, the entire Set (another 44 pictures) are included in 3D. (Standard Red / Blue Glasses are required for viewing the 3D Versions). All the pictures are in HD (1280 x 720) and are free from Watermarks or Advertising.

Next week, we start actually shooting "A Very Jenny Christmas", so I'll bring you all the dirty stories from the set. Stay tuned right here...


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