Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First Blog

Well, here we go. I've decided to start a blog so there's a more direct line to keep my friends and fans up to date with what I'm up to. New projects, thoughts and whatever else lands on this page.

It was October of 2009 when "Regarding Jenny" first came out, and while many of you have heard the story's about the movie, none of them have been from my perspective and that's what you'll get here on my blog. The movie was followed by the web site, then the short film sequel, and even an 'R-Rated' Cable Version of my adventures here for television.

Only a year later, and hundreds of thousands of people are watching from over 100 different countries. "Regarding Jenny" even played an international film festival.

If you're new to my story, or you've just started watching, I'm Jenny. Jenny Densuke (den-sick) Not (den-sooky) as some people in the press have mispronounced it. For the last year I've been working as a contract performer for Maddy G Productions, or the 'Marie Madison Company' if you've been around the 'Porn' World for awhile.

So, yeah... there you go. Let's just get this out of the way right now. I'm a 'Porn Star'.

It's not a very popular phrase around here. My boss Marie Madison (we all call her 'Maddy') hates the word 'Porn Star' and calls what we do here 'Erotica'. Yeah, whatever. This is coming from a chick who's last hit movie was called "Fuck My Face".

Don't get me wrong... I love Maddy, but let's not fool ourselves either. Our shows and movies are funny, and some of them are disturbing, but I'm pretty sure a half million people aren't tuning in for the "dick and fart" jokes.

If you're one of those hypocritacle douche nozzles from the "Doll Community", you can fuck off with your hate mail. I've heard it all, and I honestly just don't give a fuck.

Look, sorry if it bugs you, but I've got a body built for sex and the brains to use it in a way that entertains a lot of people. I'm proud of my work, and I'm proud of the people I work with. So, yeah... if you don't like my movies - don't watch them.

Sorry for the rant. What was I saying? Oh yeah... a body built for sex.

Don't blame me... I was built that way. Hahaha.

Well, let me just say all those rumor's you've heard about Dolls being Nympho's, well... they are probably all true. If you've been following along on the web site, or you watched the TV Show, you've already been a witness to how my sexual appetite tends to get me in trouble. Fuck it, I'm only gonna look like this once in my lifetime.

I was in the Second Series of "Inside Marie's Play Place", then "Regarding Jenny", and "Jenny & Marie's Award Show Fiasco". I took a few months away from shooting to promote the films and then last winter I did "Lil' Stella's Really Short Stories". That was the first time I worked with Stella Marie as a director, and it was also my second strap on scene with a chick.

Yeah, as Maddy would say, "Good Times".

The last project I did was the "Inside Marie's Play Place Thanksgiving Special" which actually just hit the stores as I'm writing this. My part in this was actually cut down quite a bit because David Hurley pussied out on me three days before the shoots and Mark and Maddy had to rewrite the script without him. Unfortunately, a bunch of my scenes were tied up with him. Whatever. Here's a shot of me on set:

Yeah, nice Dog Tags. How "1984" of us. Can you believe they're still making me pimp Dirty Laundry? Hey... whatever keeps the show on the road, I'm in.

I've been working on directing my first feature. My plan is for a vignette series called "Dirty Doll Stories", and in fact I've actually already shot a scene with Dai Ling for it. She plays a hooker, and I designed the costume myself.

Although, the requests for "Regarding Jenny 2" are getting louder by the day, so I might have to direct that damn thing if it's ever going to get made. I have a few story's of my own I could throw in the script.

So that's me. Let's call her Jenny 2.0, the new phase of Doll Porn Superstar Director and I'm ready to get back to work. Plus, I make these damn HD camera's look fucking gooooooood.

If you have something to say... write me at  As you've already figured out, I'm not like most Porn Stars, so if you write me, expect an answer in return, so don't waste my time with ridiculous bullshit.

I love all you fuckers.

- Jenny

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