Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Miss the 'Good Stuff' from "The Step Daughter"

Jenny Densuke in "The Step Daughter"
 So, the World Premiere of my newest video "The Step Daughter" is now just days away and I'm obviously getting, uhm... excited.

If you haven't already taken the day off, it's March 23rd. This coming Wednesday on You don't have to register, or sign up or anything, just show up and watch.

Of course, since the version on the Telebox is completely free, there's going to be some stuff missing. There's actually about 6 minutes missing as the 'Uncensored Version' runs 30 minutes. If you're like me and want your Doll Porn hard and dirty, you're going to want to cough up the $15 for the 'Hardcore' Version. It's worth it, believe me. 

Yes, it's THAT kind of movie.

The shot above is in both versions of the movie, but here's one that's only in the 'Uncensored' one:

Because it's free, the MaddyGTV Network follows standard 'Mature TV' guidelines. Which basically means, we can SAY anything we want, but we can only show Boobs and Butts in 'Sexual Situations' and only Full Nudity in 'Non-Sexual Situations'. It's like what you see on HBO or Showtime.

Which means, this shot would NEVER be allowed:

The only 'cock' we're allowed to show is a limp one, and let's be honest. NO ONE wants to see that.

So, if you only watch it on the Telebox, you're going to miss the best parts, especially the 'ending'.

So you know... make sure you don't miss any of the 'good stuff'.

I've talked to a few of you privately thru e-mail and on Facebook about this, but all proceeds from "The Step Daughter" are going directly into my budget for "Regarding Jenny 2" so consider your $15 a donation to the 'Bring Back Jenny' fund and "The Step Daughter" my gift of gratitude.

Have a great weekend...


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