Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Summer Sale Is On!

It's Summer!
It's summer time again (well, most days anyway) and along with the warm weather, and the BBQ's and sweaty girl beach volleyball players comes our Annual Summer Sale.

If you're new to the whole 'Maddy G' experience, our annual Summer Sale offers you 50% off all your DVD and Blu-Ray orders thru August 31st. It's two months of ridiculous savings that only comes around once a year, so you can stock up.

So, every DVD and Blu-Ray in my Online Store is half off when you use Coupon Code: SUMMERSALE when you check out.

And EVERYTHING is included. Blu-Ray's, 2 Disc DVD Sets, and Multi Disc Packs. Including my newest opus "Dirty Doll Stories" which just came out about a month or so ago.

Jenny Densuke in "Dirty Doll Stories"
It also features Marie Madison and my mouth whore girlfriend Dai Ling.

Dai Ling & Marie Madison in "Dirty Doll Stories"
And also Alexis Golden and Ashlee Chambers in the scene everyone talks about on the internet.

Alexis Golden, Jenny Densuke & Ashlee Chambers
And it's not just my movies. It's everything in the 'Maddy G' Catalog. So, if you are feeling especially dirty, you can hop over to Marie Madison's Play Place Store and pick up any of her films too.

Marie Madison & Rachel Lynn Porter in "Thanksgiving Special"

Remember - Use Coupon Code: SUMMERSALE and Enjoy your Summer!


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