Thursday, February 17, 2011

Please Help My Friend Kimora

My friend Kimora Klein was recently in a tragic car accident and was very seriously injured.

Myself, along with several of my 'adult film' friends are trying to help her raise some cash for her mounting medical bills.

Please visit and donate whatever you can spare. Even $5 can add up to be a big help, and Kimora really needs help right now.

If you donate $75 you will receive a copy of the 2 Disc Special Edition of "Regarding Jenny" signed by myself and Marie Madison.

If you are an angel and can afford a $250 donation, you will receive a one of a kind Boxed Set of the entire "Inside Marie's Play Place" all autographed by Marie Madison.

I know times are tight financially, so if you can't donate right now, please keep my friend Kimora in your thoughts and wish her well.


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