Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back from Atlanta!

Hopefully everyone who reads my blog knows that I made it back from Atlanta safe and sound.

The trip was fabulous. I got to meet a lot of great (although sometimes goofy) people and made some new friends.

This was my first trip down the East Coast, so we stopped quite a bit along the way so I got to see Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky up close. We spent the night in Lexington, KY. to visit with our friends there. Everyone's so nice there.

We made it into Atlanta Saturday night and I finally got to meet Alexis Golden in person.

Hot damn, this lady is cool. And getting the opportunity to watch her work was an experience of a lifetime. Like 'Porn Camp'. Having only worked here at Maddy G Productions, it's easy to forget that there's other ways to do what we do, and I'll say that Alexis Golden does it with class, style and a tenacity that's usually only reserved for things out in the wilderness.

It's a lot of wine and girl talk the first night, but come call time on Sunday morning, the house became a flurry of activity as Alexis and her co-star Ashlee Chambers began shooting a fetish film with Mark.

They shot a bunch of scenes all over the house, including Bubble Gum, Stockings, and Balloons. It was a busy morning, but these two worked with Mark like a finely tuned machine and they got it all done. By 1 pm, everyone left for a shoot with Mike South.

Left alone in the house for a few hours, I had the chance to go thru everyone's panty drawer and peruse the piles of porn laying around.

I was just about to rub one out to "Stripper Facials" when Mike South came in to drop off footage to Mark from the afternoon's shoot. This was my first time to meet Mike, and I'll admit I was a little smitten. 

Agreed, his movie's aren't for everyone, but neither are mine, so it was a real pleasure to meet a guy who 'gets' me. And honestly, I think there was a little bit of chemistry there between us.

See what I mean?

Well, I don't know what 'Bukkake' means, but Alexis and Ashlee came back from the shoot exhausted, so after dinner, everyone headed to bed early.

I was just getting comfortable, when to my delight and surprise, I felt Ashlee Chambers slip into bed beside me.

We had just started trying to figure out if we really do have the exact same tits or not, when Alexis Golden apparently was wondering the same thing as she slipped into bed with us.

Another thing I learned from my experience in Atlanta is that there's no such thing as 'privacy' in a shooting house. I'm pretty sure Mark was tracking Alexis' every move with a camera, because Alexis hadn't even put her tongue in my ear yet and Mark was at the foot of the bed with his ridiculous hard on poking thru his pajama's while pointing a camera at the three of us.

Whatever... I'd had my eye on these two bitches since I came thru the door, and I wasn't going to let the camera's stop me from having my way with them both. The details of which I'm going to save for another blog.

I'm still sorting thru my pictures and video memory's of the trip, so I'll be back soon with more stories from Atlanta. I really appreciate the new interest and attention I've gotten since going on the road. My e-mail and Facebook have been flooded with messages and happy thoughts. Stick around, I have a ton more to show you.

Before I go, I want to share a picture of Mike South with Maddy.

Look closely... what's that he's got in his hand?

I believe that's a copy of of every movie I've been in.

Mike South likes me. He Really, REALLY LIKES ME!

- Jenny

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