Sunday, February 13, 2011

My First Night in Georgia

When last we talked about my trip to Atlanta, I was getting smooched on by Mike South.

Alexis Golden and Ashlee Chambers had worked hard that day, and came back from their afternoon shoots exhausted. So, we all retired early for the night.

I was getting comfortable in the giant bed in my room, when around midnight I heard the door creek open and felt Ashlee slide into bed next me.

I certainly didn't mind. Who needs sleep when you have a chick like her to play with. And it wasn't anymore than a few minutes later that Alexis sneaked into the room and joined us in the bed.

Well, I had my eye on these two ladies since I got there, so when it started, it didn't stop for some time. Don't get me wrong, College Boys are fun to play with, but there's nothing quite like getting down with a couple of women with some real experience. We did EVERYTHING.

Ashlee was the first to ride my face, while Alexis worked her own fingers and mouth on my pussy. She got my juices flowing pretty good and then she fucked me with her big glass dildo. Dang, she really knows what she's doing.

After Alexis took a turn on my face, she let me finger her sweet pink pussy while Ashlee took a turn at fucking me with that glass dildo.

She used it like a double ended dildo, which I've never done before. It felt so good getting fucked by her like that, and feeling her giant clit hit mine was something I'd never experienced before either.

We kept going and going for like 20 minutes until we all had a set of fantastic orgasms. My first ever, to be completely honest. I'm glad it was captured on film. I won't spoil the surprise as to which one of these fine ladies got my rocks off first, you'll have to watch the video. It's available for download now in HD, or if you're a member of Marie's Play Place, it's in the membership area now also.

When this naughty little threesome concluded, we licked each other clean, and snuggled in for a good nights rest. The next day, I got to meet J. Canon and really got to watch Alexis work. But that's a story for another blog.

- Jenny

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