Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Horizons


This is my first blog back from the Holiday. Sorry I was late. I hope your Xmas and New Years was special.

I know I owe a few of you photo’s from Christmas Gifts. I haven’t forgotten. It’s been slow getting back into ‘full swing’ at work as there have been a few distractions the last month or so.

If you haven’t already noticed, the first two episodes of the new series of “Regarding Jenny” have been released. This is the finale of our two part “Mock-u-Mentary’ series premiere that introduces Karen into the show.

Now, if you’ve been following us for awhile, you know Karen is not really a new edition to the show. In fact, those of you who have gotten to know her personally probably recognize that the whole story of “Leaving the struggles of the L.A. Modeling Industry to start over in Erie, PA.” mirrors Karen’s own personal story.


Does she look familiar? That picture appeared in Playboy Magazine.

The show has progressed over the last few years as my own life has grown and expanded. We took a year long break from ‘The Show’, because we both agreed that by and large, the ‘adult modeling / acting’ part of our lives was in the past.

No one expected Regarding Jenny to be anything more than a one-off fetish film. Karen and I both assumed after the initial publicity died down, we would return to our ‘normal’ lives.

Over the course of that year, interest in the Regarding Jenny show only increased. Viewership all over the web grew that year, and our circle of friends on the social networks grew right along with it. 

Karen and I decided together that it was time to do another series of Regarding Jenny. But the story that is really important to us and the one we wanted to tell, is our own.


Poly Life is a complicated choice to begin with. It gets compounded with a lot of outside attention. And the attention has been both good and bad. We want to show that ALL relationships are complicated if you are doing it right.

And if Karen and I can make it, so can you and yours.

‘Series Two’ marks a re-launch for Regarding Jenny, in it’s much more personal and direct form.

As you know, The Discovery Channel has been talking to us about doing a segment on making ‘the show’ and I think we’re really close to making a deal for that. The DC producers want to shine light on the very skilled and creative people that have careers related to Poly Life. The folks that work to bring Poly’s to life, including all of us at Maddy G that work so hard at using comedy and entertainment to bring the lifestyle out of the closet.

Then, in the middle of this decision, I get contacted by a Casting Director at VH1. Insert cartoon sound effect here…



Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the attention, but friends I ask you this:
Is there a single show on VH1 that is watchable?

I’ve let Karen do most of the talking on this one. She knows how I feel about all those “Girl in Love with Love Doll” pitches from SleezeTV.

And there have been MANY of those.

I’ll keep you posted on this.

Aside from these distractions, I have photo shoots scheduled to show off some of my Xmas gifts and some new outfits, and we are right back into shooting the next couple of Regarding Jenny episodes.

- Jenny


  1. Penny to a pound, that casting director was the same lass that wanted Shi-chan and I to appear on a VH1 programme. Unbelievable.
    'VH1: Known Worldwide As A Leader Of Balanced, Unbiased, and Sober Reality Television Programs'

    Best of luck from Sidore, Elena, and I for your 2013! :-)

  2. LOL. All our best for 2013 Davecat, to you and yours!


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