Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Jenny" TV Re-Runs and Accusations of Doll Rape

Ahhhh.... the warmth of Summer. It's December now, and I'm freezing my tits off under a blanket of snow while we begin work on "A Very Jenny Christmas". When I have a job that lets me work on beach, I have to accept that I'll sometimes have to work in the snow too. 

To get everyone warmed up again, will be re-running the Cable TV series of "Regarding Jenny" for Free this month. If by some chance you're reading this blog and HAVEN'T seen already seen it, then now's a good chance to catch up. 

If you don't know what MaddyGTV is - it's a Free Web Television Channel for adults. It shows all of the 'Cable' or 'R-Rated' shows Maddy G Productions produces. There's no membership, and there's nothing to sign up for. You just go there and watch. Easy Squeezy. Since it started last September, it's grown to a monthly viewership of around 50,000 people from 116 different countries. So, if you're not watching it already, you obviously should be. 

There - "Obligation as Company Shill" complete. 

I probably shouldn't bitch. Pimping the Sponsors and Company Programs is part of the deal, and I accepted that when I signed the contract. I just get impatient with the 'bullshit' part of the job. I get that Maddy G Productions is a small company run by a handful of people, so I do my part with a smile, but at the same time, you'd be surprised at how much of my day is taken up with things that don't have anything to do with writing, performing or directing - which is what I was hired to do. 

Whatever. The notes from PR say "Jenny - Blog some pictures from the Set". Okay, fine.

Here's a shot of me on the set of "Regarding Jenny".

   Left to Right: That's Michelle Sterling, our Photographer Mark Audess, Me and the delicious ass of Jennifer Hooper. The location is actually Presque Isle in Erie, but it was played as Santa Monica in the film. Let's roll that bitch over.

I can see you trying to look up her skirt. It's okay, I don't blame you.

That "Certain Information" I was talking about before is starting to become a little bit of a situation. See, my douche bag ex David caught me in the garage with one of the other guy's who works here, we where... you know. Let's just say, it was a "compromising position".

Hey... I was bored, and he was pissing me off. Well, the perv that he is - he couldn't just walk away and close the door, he had to snap some cell phone pictures to jerk off to later.

Anyway. I know it must have pissed him off, because without even a "Goodbye" he fucking leaves for a "Research Sebatical" and I haven't heard from him since. In fact, he was supposed to show up for the "Thanksgiving Special" Episode, but then like an asshole completely backed out 4 days before we started shooting.

So, for everyone who's complained that I didn't get a sex scene in "Thanksgiving Special" he's the one to blame. It certainly WAS NOT that Maddy "Benched" me, as some people have suggested on various message boards.

Well, right at the beginning of filming the "Thanksgiving Special" David text's these pictures to Maddy with some kind of bullshit accusation that "She's Fake" or I'm a "Faker" or some shit like this. Now listen, I get that "You're not a Real Girl" shit every time I log into Facebook, so I'm used to it. But he's actually trying to accuse me of something, I don't fucking like it.

How Mark comes into play in this, is I'm pretty sure David sent the same pics to Mark - only I think Mark might believe him. I'm not really sure, so I've been kind of avoiding him. I mean, we talked and stuff during filming of "Thanksgiving Special", but I tried to keep it really professional. I pretended I was still sulking over David blowing off the show and my sex scene getting cut out. 

Well, a couple weeks ago, when I was writing my first draft of "Jenny Christmas", I wrote my boy / girl scene to be with Marty Masters, which Maddy thought was odd, because she "suggested" to me that it be Mark, because the web scene "Jenny & Mark Affair" was so popular.  For, uhm... obvious reasons.

Anyway.... well, I'm avoiding Mark for my own reasons right now, and that's not any of her particular business, so I told her she just paid a bunch of money to buy out Marty's contract so, let's get him to work. She bought it, and she think's David's full of shit too, so I think I'm good for awhile.

Maddy and Mark both got sick over Thanksgiving Holiday, so shooting got delayed a week so they don't end up infecting the entire production. Add "No Work Delay's Due to Sickness" to my list of Attributes as a Contract Star.

So anyway.... if you're following me on Facebook, here's the shot from CoverDoll Magazine I couldn't show you on the fascist FB.

They have no problem "Sharing" CNN Newsfeeds about dead children and our soldiers coming back in boxes, but slip a nipple in there, and your account gets closed.

Oh well...


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