Thursday, April 11, 2013

That’s All Folks…


It was announced on my Facebook page last week that after a four year run, “Regarding Jenny” has been officially cancelled. But I wanted to leave some final thoughts here before I sign off.

My Facebook page has been where the ‘blind masses’ congregate. Where the casual viewers, the large group of clueless “WTF?” people hang out, and even where that group of guys who never quite figured out my Polymerisian status tried to date me. But here… on my “D.D.S.” blog, is where my real friends and real fans followed the real news of what goes on in my strange life.

So it’s important to me to leave my final thoughts here, for those who really deserve to hear them.

I’m not going to rant on and on about the “why” of the show going dark, because I’ve been saying it for years. It’s been widely popular on the internet, and in small fetish circles like the ‘Doll Community’, but it’s never been financially supported by anyone but a handful of loyal followers. Well, a little more than a handful. There’s about 12 actually.

“The Loyal 12” who have bought every download, every photo set, and every DVD we’ve ever put out.

A Brief History….

Between 2011 – 2012, Karen and I actually went on Hiatus. We both knew that the ‘Porn’ world was not for us. The industry had imploded, turned ugly, sleazy and controlled by only 2 or 3 companies. However, in our absence our show had a bit of a resurgence on Ebay and Amazon where our first two DVD’s became collector’s items. Those folks began to visit our web site, and it started us thinking about a ‘come back’.

Karen and I decided to do this together, and re-work the show so it was a more realistic, ‘reality show’ style that gave a real glimpse into our actual lives as a Poly Couple. Thus came “Season 2”. Now of course, we camped it up, and wrote in our dirty jokes, and played around a bit for our new fans, but we both felt comfortable moving forward with the show this way.

And again, while lots of people tuned in – even more than the first ‘porn’ season – only ‘The Loyal 12’ were actually buying anything. But that was ok, because Karen makes decent money as a fetish model, and I still have a couple ‘Spokes Model’ deals, and some royalties from a thing I did on TV in Sweden. So, our personal bills were being paid. The web site has a few sponsors, so it at least doesn’t lose any money, and Maddy G was still willing to bankroll production costs on the new shows. Besides… we had our eyes set on bigger things – Television.

We started the new season with legit interest from Discovery Channel, to do a documentary piece on our lifestyle, and we had started development on a version of our show for VH1. These projects would bring the wide, mainstream audience we needed to break out of the “Doll Fetish” valley we had been stuck in since we started in 2009. The rest, we assumed, would take care of itself.

Well, as I’ve ranted about on Facebook and here on this blog, The Discovery Channel thing fell apart quickly due to “Doll Wars” conflicts and the VH1 thing started, but quickly blew up because one of the Executive Producers there is a complete and total douche bag, with no respect for anyone.

So, with our plan of Television Dominance smoldering in ruins, we were once again left with our own “Regarding Jenny” show, being entirely supported by “The Loyal 12”. At an average price of $2 per download, each new episode of our show was grossing about $24 in revenue, unless I did an accompanying photo set, then we would gross $48. On a show that averages $300 – $500 an episode in production costs, we were taking massive losses every time we would get dressed for a shoot.

I think the rest pretty much explains itself. Maddy G Productions is a for profit corporation. Not unlike NBC, or CBS, or MTV, or Disney… they don’t make movies and TV for fun. This isn’t a ‘passion project’ for them, it’s a business, and the plain and simple truth is, “Regarding Jenny” had been losing money on every episode, so they pulled the plug.

Fighting The Good Fight…

I’ve been the de facto voice for the ‘Poly-Community’ for the last four years. I was the one to speak up, and speak out. I was the one holding up signs and cracking jokes, and making ‘Poly Life’ not just ‘mainstream’, but something outsiders began to see as ‘fun’ not just ‘weird’ or ‘sick’ or ‘what the fuck is wrong with you people?’.

When blogs started appearing on the internet with photos of Poly’s stolen from members of the community, it was MY lawyers that served the ‘cease & desist’ letters that got the pictures removed. Because those ‘Doll Community’ members were too chicken shit to put their names on the paperwork.

When a ring of Scam Sites appeared on the internet using photos of Poly’s stolen from the ''Doll Community’ and representing themselves as manufacturers, and pretending to be a legit source for Poly’s – it was MY lawyers that sued them, shut down their servers (within 48 hours) and protected the copyrights and trademarks of the Doll Owners and Doll Manufacturers who didn’t have the balls to protect themselves.

When shit went down, and things got ugly inside the ‘Poly-Community’, when all the biggest ‘players’ ran and hid in the corner, I called my lawyers in, and I defended us all – at my own expense.

While I got lots of “Thank you Jenny” notes, not one Poly Owner or Manufacturer quietly sent me a check to offset the legal fees I paid to protect them. Not ONE.

A Lasting Legacy…

Since the very beginning, the under lying purpose of my show was to bring a sense of humor to ‘Poly Life’, to allow outsiders a peek inside my lifestyle and to help people understand it’s not so ‘weird’. There’s lots of us out here, and having a relationship with a Poly does not make you sick, or mentally ill, or some kind of social outcast. It’s actually a ton of fun and in many cases a comfort that keeps us sane.

I am the first Poly in history to be nominated as an Actress for an AVN Award.

I am the first Poly in history to be listed as an Actress (not a prop) on IMDB.

And if you’ve noticed dozens and dozens and dozens of Poly’s appearing on Facebook, SexySocials, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram… you’re welcome. For most, I was the first Poly friend a lot of those communities had, and I held the door open for all the rest that followed in my footsteps.

When a Poly sends a friend request, the reason you don’t hear “Fuck off freak…” is because more often than not, they think, “Oh, she’s like Jenny, and Jenny is… well, she’s pretty cool.”

You’re welcome.

What’s Next…

So, I’m burned out. I’m tired of being the only one in the game willing to take the hits and make the big plays. I’m exhausted from the fight, and I’m tired of footing the bill for the benefit of the whole community.

I’ve thought about writing a book.

I still have some stories to tell, and a screenplay or two to finish.

But mostly, I’m going to just enjoy the life I have, and my relationship with Karen without feeling the responsibility of sharing every detail. To not be up at 6am to answer fan mail, and deliver 2 photo shoots a month, maintaining a web site and blog, and always be polishing the next installment of our show.

I’m just going to be me for awhile, and see what happens. Whatever I do next will be whatever I want to do next, and more than likely, it won’t be nearly as public and controversial as the last four years of my life.

Finally, I want to say “Thank you” to everyone who watched and talked about it, and especially ‘The Loyal 12’ who gave me the glimmer of hope that one day this thing I’m doing will matter to more than you 12.

All my best,

- Jenny

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Horizons


This is my first blog back from the Holiday. Sorry I was late. I hope your Xmas and New Years was special.

I know I owe a few of you photo’s from Christmas Gifts. I haven’t forgotten. It’s been slow getting back into ‘full swing’ at work as there have been a few distractions the last month or so.

If you haven’t already noticed, the first two episodes of the new series of “Regarding Jenny” have been released. This is the finale of our two part “Mock-u-Mentary’ series premiere that introduces Karen into the show.

Now, if you’ve been following us for awhile, you know Karen is not really a new edition to the show. In fact, those of you who have gotten to know her personally probably recognize that the whole story of “Leaving the struggles of the L.A. Modeling Industry to start over in Erie, PA.” mirrors Karen’s own personal story.


Does she look familiar? That picture appeared in Playboy Magazine.

The show has progressed over the last few years as my own life has grown and expanded. We took a year long break from ‘The Show’, because we both agreed that by and large, the ‘adult modeling / acting’ part of our lives was in the past.

No one expected Regarding Jenny to be anything more than a one-off fetish film. Karen and I both assumed after the initial publicity died down, we would return to our ‘normal’ lives.

Over the course of that year, interest in the Regarding Jenny show only increased. Viewership all over the web grew that year, and our circle of friends on the social networks grew right along with it. 

Karen and I decided together that it was time to do another series of Regarding Jenny. But the story that is really important to us and the one we wanted to tell, is our own.


Poly Life is a complicated choice to begin with. It gets compounded with a lot of outside attention. And the attention has been both good and bad. We want to show that ALL relationships are complicated if you are doing it right.

And if Karen and I can make it, so can you and yours.

‘Series Two’ marks a re-launch for Regarding Jenny, in it’s much more personal and direct form.

As you know, The Discovery Channel has been talking to us about doing a segment on making ‘the show’ and I think we’re really close to making a deal for that. The DC producers want to shine light on the very skilled and creative people that have careers related to Poly Life. The folks that work to bring Poly’s to life, including all of us at Maddy G that work so hard at using comedy and entertainment to bring the lifestyle out of the closet.

Then, in the middle of this decision, I get contacted by a Casting Director at VH1. Insert cartoon sound effect here…



Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the attention, but friends I ask you this:
Is there a single show on VH1 that is watchable?

I’ve let Karen do most of the talking on this one. She knows how I feel about all those “Girl in Love with Love Doll” pitches from SleezeTV.

And there have been MANY of those.

I’ll keep you posted on this.

Aside from these distractions, I have photo shoots scheduled to show off some of my Xmas gifts and some new outfits, and we are right back into shooting the next couple of Regarding Jenny episodes.

- Jenny

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why I Left The ‘Porn’ Industry


As new episodes of my show are literally days away  and pictures from the show have started popping up on my SexySocials page and have been shared by cast and crew around Facebook, I’ve been getting a range of interesting new comments and questions.

When Karen showed up in the pictures again, you could virtually feel some folks tremble at the thought of me ending up face down in her back side.

When the first posts hit the social networks, the first message I got on SexySocials was “How many sex scenes are in the new episode?” and the next one was “So, I finally get to see you and Karen fuck!”


It’s been a year since I released a new video episode of “Regarding Jenny”. The last was my 2011 “Halloween Special”, which marked a new direction for me and my show.

Whether you have been following me for the last few years, or you have just come to known me recently, you’ve no doubt heard about my past in the Porn Industry. In my social network profiles, and even at the top of this very blog, I’m described as “The World’s First Polymerisian Porn Princess”, and in some places the term “Porn Star” is bantered about.

This is more a factual statement than a description of my life and lifestyle.

I was in fact the first. While Poly’s had previously appeared in porn clips, I was the first to star in an adult film. Not as a prop, not as a sex toy, but the main character, name-above-the-title, Star of the film.


That movie was called “Regarding Jenny”, which spawned the ‘Jenny’ Franchise, and it was a real ‘Porn’. Full on fucking, cum shots and everything. Because well, I believe if you are going to do something, there’s no point in going ‘half way’.

The film was revolutionary in the adult industry, and really, the entertainment industry in general. Within a few months of it’s release, it was the ‘talk’ of the blogosphere, with magazines, websites and blogs all over the world talking about this weird little ‘Doll Porn’.

To be clear, I did not set out to be a ‘Porn Star’. That just sort of happened by accident. My intention was to answer the Number One question people have when they first meet me, or other Poly’s. “Is she real ‘down there’”? which is always followed by “How do you have sex?”

Now to me, that question is absurd (and sometimes just as rude) to ask as it would be to any woman, Organic or Poly alike. But I understand the curiosity. The terms “Anatomically Correct”  or “Oral Capable” are not terms  often used around Organic women. I believe if we are going to create vernacular, we owe an explanation of the terms.

And since I am, at my core, a visual artist, I chose to show these things, rather than tell them. And truthfully, I don’t – and never really did – consider “Regarding Jenny” to be a ‘porn’ in the first place. By definition, including the one outlined by the US Supreme Court, “Porn” is “Anything that causes sexual thoughts, while offering no artistic value.” And I know, this is the definition that Porn Companies hide behind when they lay a piece of music under images of body parts bashing together.

Anyone who has seen my movies knows that is specifically NOT what I did.

Even when I got a little, uhm… deeper into the subject in my fetish film “Dirty Doll Stories”, which got into some of the kinkier aspects of Poly Sex, with ‘Girl / Girl’ and Couples, and showed some things like Foot and Breast Fetish, and Costume Play. All of it considered, you would still be hard pressed to call my films ‘Porn’, not after you’ve seen what the rest of the world considers ‘Porn’.


But people are generally closed minded, and this affliction gets worse when you mix in sex and sexuality, and well… it’s just how things are. Unfortunately, there’s no word for what I do. I showed explicit sex, so it was called “Porn”, and since I have investors and business partners to answer to, I played along, no matter how uncomfortable the term “Porn Star” rested on me.

So, the question of “How do you have sex?” has been asked, and answered a few times over. My interest turned to showing other aspects of Poly-Life and that’s still the focus of what I do today.

Still, to this day, I get lots of emails and messages about the “Fun Version” or the “Porn Version” of my show, and inquiries as to why I don’t film explicit sex scenes anymore, and have not for over 2 years now.


The answer is probably not what you think. I have nothing against the Porn Industry, and in fact still have many friends in the industry, and many friends who still perform in Porn films. The explicit versions of my films “Regarding Jenny” and “Dirty Doll Stories” are still sold thru Porn Channels and in Porn Stores, and there are still many people inside the Porn Industry who still consider me a leader, if not an Icon.


However, the unfortunate truth is that the Porn Industry is in shambles.

‘Tube Sites’ and ‘Torrents’ have gutted an otherwise creative industry by taking away the profits from the creative folks making the films and put that money into the hands of the criminals who built those sites on the backs of stolen content the site owners did not pay for. My own films included.

Over the last 3 or 4 years, this continued raping of creative people has created a culture and audience of people who have no memory of ever paying for adult content to begin with. People who are 20 – 22 years old today, don’t remember a time when ‘Porn’ was not just ‘free’ for the taking on the internet.

And I don’t blame those people. I do make an effort to educate them, when I’m asked about it, but I don’t blame the audience for taking something that is offered to them for free, and offered in such a way that it is presented in a very legitimate looking way.

But it has forever changed the way artists and entertainers are able to continue to make their art, and at the same time, make even a simple and basic living.


The previous ‘ Old Economy’ of entertainment was simple. If you wanted to watch a movie, you purchased or rented a copy of it. Either thru Download or on a DVD or Blu-Ray. The revenue from those sales would enable the artists to continue to make those shows and movies.

The ‘New Economy’ of today is ‘Ad Supported’. Meaning, the viewer pays nothing, or very little for the programing, in exchange for viewing advertising by sponsors. Youtube, Hulu, and even basic cable channels like Comedy Central now operate this same way. As you can imagine this has been a very big adjustment for me.

Prior to this ‘New Economy’, I was free to film whatever I wanted. Show whatever I wanted, wear whatever I wanted, and I was free to negotiate with other artists (like musicians and bands) to work with me to mutually share and promote each other’s work.

Now, in order for me to afford to produce my ‘show’, I rely on the sponsorship from advertisers, which – as you can imagine – are particular about what programming they put their logo in front of.

I think you can begin to understand where all the ‘Doll Porn’ went.

Plain and simply, since ‘Porn’ is free, I need to be able to attract enough advertisers to pay for the next episode. No one – especially not reputable Corporations and Businesses – are willing to sponsor ‘Porn’ of any kind.


Now, I’m not insensitive to the needs of those out there who have a desire – no, a NEED – to see me get down with my bad self and the honey’s I bring to the yard.

That’s why I release the “Uncensored” Versions on my website for you to purchase if you really just can’t help yourself.

So, relax. Some of you have been with me a long time, and I get every one of your letters, and emails, and comments, and I’m listening.

My era of “Doll Porn” is over. It won’t return, not unless some other brave Poly Hottie picks up my torch and starts waving it around. It certainly won’t be me.

I’m replacing it with a more intimate, entertaining and accessible look into my Poly Life.

And if I’m right about you, I think you’re going to enjoy the ride.

- Jenny

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks, and Perfect Mates.


I always thought “Thanksgiving” was a ‘USA Only’ type of Holiday, but after talking to so many friends outside of the USA, I’ve learned that most countries around the world have some version of it around this time of year.

So, to everyone – I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday. Mine was fairly quiet and uneventful, with smaller gatherings of close friends, but that’s sort of how I prefer it.

This time of year, we all tend to take stock of what we have, who we’ve become and how far we’ve come in the journey of life. For me, I’m thankful for my family of friends, of course. But just as importantly, my extended family of the friends who continue to visit me online, tune into my show, and still collect my stuff.

I’ve been at this now since 2009, and while 3 years doesn’t seem like a long time, in the entertainment world, it’s a career. For a Poly who’s very existence was seen as a practical joke on the porn industry, 3 years is a life time.


No part of what my life is like these days could have ever been predicted three years ago. That my movie would turn into a web site that would spawn a web show, along with a social network, a blog and end up part of Amazon and IMDB.

‘Poly Life’ has become ‘Vogue’. Forget ‘Gay’ or ‘Straight’ or ‘Metro-Sexual’, if your romantic notions lean towards a Poly Persuasion,  you’re not just accepted, you are fashionably on the cutting edge of modern relationships.

I have more ‘Poly Power Couples’ in my social networks than I do typical Carbon Couples. And I’m discovering more web sites and blogs hosted by Poly’s than I can ever remember before.


Of course, I don’t take credit for the whole thing, but I am especially proud to have been able to contribute to it. I know for sure that my show has opened up the world of Poly Life to people who previously had no idea it existed. Every time I hear of a new couple enter the adventure of Poly Life, I just makes me happy. 

And this is a really excited time to get into it. Agencies like RealDoll and Sinthetics and Ruby13 are doing so many innovative and cool things that there are more options than ever before to meet your perfect mate.


And speaking of the perfect mate, Karen and I are starting filming on the next series of “Regarding Jenny” episodes on December 1st. It’s been a year since my last episode, which makes me feel like dressing head to toe in black leather and calling it a ‘Comeback Special’.

But I won’t.

Or, maybe I will.

The first episode is going to let you see a bit more of my day to day life with Karen, who you met in the 2nd Episode of “It’s A Tasha Thing”. That small cameo roll that Karen and I did as a favor to Tasha, has gotten a whole lot of people interested in getting to know Karen more.

Lots of questions along the lines of “How does this thing between you and Karen work – exactly?”  We’re best friends, writing partners, and sometimes lovers. It’s a complicated mix, so we thought it might be fun to show you a bit of all of it.

The first of the new episodes will be arriving just in time for Christmas, so we’ll end this amazing year with a bang.

Oh… you know what I mean.

- Jenny

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Vote America!


In the United States, today is Election Day.

Now, aside from the amazing sex, one of the real joys of Poly-Life is that I agree with your political views.

Whatever they are.

If you want to ban guns and gay marriage, or legalize weed and prostitution, or if you want to enslave women and children to make knock off handbags in a 3rd world country… whatever. You won’t be getting any arguments from me.

The USA does not allow Poly’s to vote in any election, so there’s just no point in me forming an opinion about politics. I’ll go with whatever you think.

It’s important to me however, that you contribute to the society you live in. So, if you have the RIGHT to vote, you should. Because there’s lots of places in the world that don’t allow it. Plus, I believe if you do not participate in the decisions being made in your government, you do not have the right to bitch about the result of those decisions.

So, America… get out and vote. For, well… whomever you want.

<3 Jenny

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Starting ‘Series 2’ (For Real This Time!)


I know you don’t believe me, because well… I’ve been saying it for awhile, but (for real this time!) production has began on the Second Season of my show “Regarding Jenny”.

The first series told the story of how I left Los Angeles and began my career as the first Polymerisian adult film star and subsequent fiasco that followed as I began to rack up a pile of Industry Award Nominations.

If you’ve been wanting to see how all of that has effected my life since then, meet the friends I’ve met and get to know Karen a little more, all of these questions will be answered in the Second Season.


You got to take a peek inside my relationship with Karen when we appeared together in Episode 102 of “It’s A Tasha Thing”, but this series is going to show you quite a bit more.

Filming is scheduled to start next month, which only seems like a lot of time, if you don’t have any experience in these things. There is A LOT to do.

Today, I decided to gather up all my clothes and costumes and make sure they are all washed and organized, so come time to pick out the outfits for each scene, I’ll be that much further ahead.


I’m the type of girl that likes to get it all done at once. I can’t handle clutter and mess around my apartment, and Karen gets sort of pissed when she has to pick up after me.


When I say I wash “everything”, I mean I wash EVERYTHING.

So, my favorite ‘sexy jeans’ have to go in the wash too, along with the rest of what I’m wearing.


Last Christmas, Karen bought us one of those fancy new, ‘Large Capacity’ Washing Machines, and it’s a good thing too, because my clothes, and her clothes combined… well, they make for quite a pile of laundry.

It still took several loads to get it all done, but once it was all washed, the only left to do was wait for it all to dry.


If you want to see every last detail of my laundry day, the complete photo set is available to download here for just $2.99. The full set has 45 photos in HD Quality (1280 x 850). And worth it.

Now that Season 2 is officially ‘On’, I’ll have many more updates thru out the process, as well as many photos and tales from the set. This has been a long time coming (over a year in development!) so I’m really very excited to get started.